Open for Business Wisconsin Compared against Multiethnic Socialist Heckhole California

California GDP has grown a cumulative 13 percentage points more than Wisconsin over the Brown and Walker years. Employment, 10 percentage points…

Regarding GDP:

Figure 1. Real GDP for California (blue), and for Wisconsin (red), in Ch.12$, logs 2011Q1=0. Laffer-Moore-Williams ALEC Economic Outlook rankings in light color. Source: BEA, ALEC Rich States, Poor States 2018, and author’s calculations. 

On employment through January:

Figure 2. Nonfarm payroll employment for California (blue), and for Wisconsin (red), in logs 2011M01=0. Laffer-Moore-Williams ALEC Economic Outlook rankings in light color. Source: BEA, ALEC Rich States, Poor States 2018, and author’s calculations. 


9 thoughts on “Open for Business Wisconsin Compared against Multiethnic Socialist Heckhole California

  1. Moses Herzog

    Off-topic This is related to politics, so is that close enough??

    I’m not that big a Joe Rogan fan, I can take him or leave him, mostly depending on who his guest is. I used to watch David Letterman no matter who the guest was, ‘cuz I could always still count on getting 3 or more good laughs. Rogan also uses too much vulgarity for me (I feel certain Menzie won’t believe that one). Yes I use vulgarity a fair amount, but only on issues that make me very angry, not just using vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake or to be “joe cool” or prove how modern I am. But I think vulgarity has a place depending on context. Anyway there is some vulgarity in this video link, and Rogan overdoes it (some F-bombs etc). But if you can get past Rogan’s vulgarity it is an informative interview. 4 hours is very daunting, especially for those who lead busy lives, so what you might do is watch 1 hour per weekend. I think she has a lot to say and it’s very informative as relates to RussiaGate etc. I disagree with her take on the Facebook filtering of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign ads but overall I think she has her finger pretty close to the pulse on this stuff:

  2. pgl

    Yes – California is growing faster than Wisconsin but wait for it. Bruce Hall is desparately looking for another article to misrepresent for us.

  3. dilbert dogbert

    I was trying to think of ways to make WI stats look better. How about per capita? Per sq mile? Per number of lakes? Per number of cows? WI does not have the natural endowments of Kali nor the human endowments. WI is not and never will be the equal or superior to Kali. Never the less it is full of good people and a nice place to live.

    1. Moses Herzog

      Wisconsin has many great things other states don’t have—not being exclusive to beer and high-quality cheese—although those are pretty damned nice in my book.

      Wisconsin is also ranked 16th in Pre–k-12 public education. And I guarantee there are many worried parents and desolate feeling students in the real heckhole states who would trade spots with Wisconsin on that one.

      I want to add that a lot of people like to make jokes about Iowans being dumb “pig farmers”, but perennially Iowa has had, on a statewide basis, one of the best public education systems in the nation. Iowa ranks 8th in the nation in BOTH Pre-k-12 education AND higher education. That’s how you attract high quality jobs. Not like states like Oklahoma where you have poorly funded public schools and funky smelling Republican governors like Mary Fallin bragging about “low employment” on McDonald’s and Wal Mart jobs. There’s something called “the cost of living” which never seems to enter Republican Mary Fallin’s head when she sticks her fingers up her butt for 8 straight years and then hits the exit door on a government provided pension.

  4. Willie

    Wisconsin has an uninhabitable climate. What do you expect when you compare it to somewhere else? Just think, without Walker’s brilliance, nobody would even live there any more.

  5. Moses Herzog

    Menzie may mean an entirely different thing when he writes that title, but when I read the title, where it says “Open for Business Wisconsin” what I read is “Willing to subsidize businesses that would be here anyway, willing to give up all of the tax base which was 3/4 of the reason we wanted business here to begin with, and willing to subsidize foreign entities and foreign workers such as Foxconn”.

    And here is again the irony of all the braindead fans of Scott Walker and donald trump— it is they who provide the incentive for foreigners/immigrants to move to America, and kill off jobs in America, by offering up jobs to them on a silver platter (Foxconn, Low wage hotel and casino jobs, tariffs benefiting Brazilian soybean farmers, etc) not the Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloombergs, or John Kasiches of the world.

    Now I seem to remember (my memory gets hazy sometimes) Menzie or one of the better commenters here giving me a friendly rebuke on my semi-positive thoughts on Kasich (I think it was a quote from one of Kasich’s books that was semi-nauseating). But say what you want about Kasich, I don’t think he would enact/implement what Walker did on the Focconn deal. Now if Menzie has different thoughts on that I’m sincerely happy to listen—or if someone can give me an example of the Foxconn corruption under Kasich’s watch as Governor of Ohio, I would genuinely want to hear about it in this blog thread.

    I’ve said before that Kasich is one of the few Republicans I could consider voting for. Although still malleable on my support of Kasich, I could see voting for him, over say a Kamala Harris, a Cory Booker (trust issues), and certainly some others who are not in my mind at the moment.

    1. Moses Herzog

      I might also add, if donald trump wasn’t in fact the root cause of Harley Davidson moving Wisconsin factory jobs overseas, trump certainly expedited that move by Harley’s executive board—and if donald trump had a cerebrum instead of dead space in his head, he could have resourcefully found a way to keep those Harley jobs in Wisconsin.

  6. Erik Poole

    Heckhole? Why not just hell hole.

    It is OK to level personal insults, as well as talk about ethnic cleansing and killing civilians to acquire resources but it is not OK to correctly call California a socialist hell hole? Tabernac…..

    Never lose sight of the fact that a number of rich western socialist hell holes do extremely well in terms of socio-economic outcomes.

  7. Moses Herzog

    I’m certainly not making excuses for Governor Walker, whose economic policies were and are damaging to the people of Wisconsin. But in case some Wisconsinites are feeling down or depressed I wanted you to read this link about the state of Oklahoma. Maybe after reading this Wisconsinites will want to run out and celebrate like gluttonous Vikings for all their good fortune:

    Some Wisconsinites might say “We needn’t compare ourselves to the lowest common denominator”. To which, I have no valid argument to refute that.

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