San Diego in the spotlight

Say what you will about San Diego politics, at least it’s not boring.

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy href=""> resigned
Friday amid a pension fund scandal. His interim successor, Michael Zucchet, along with
another member of City Council, was convicted yesterday of conspiracy, extortion, and fraud in
connection with a scheme to receive money for changing a city law so as to benefit strip club owners. As
a result, Zucchet managed to serve as San Diego’s interim mayor for all of 60 hours. I believe
the plan now is we’ll have an interim-interim mayor for the rest of this week, and next week what’s left of City Countil will select a
regular interim mayor who’s supposed to serve until November. That’s when the winner of next
week’s special election is scheduled to become the, shall we say, regular mayor.

Forgive me if this sounds paranoid, but isn’t this the same crowd to whom href="">the Supreme Court gave
the power to kick me out of my home in order to hand it to some developer? Not that any
City Council members would ever let how much money they got from that developer influence their
decision on something like that.


5 thoughts on “San Diego in the spotlight

  1. Kane

    I was on a panel here in DC this morning — I spoke about general macro data, the impact of tax reform, etc. My colleague talked about Kelo and the history of property rights. Every single question during Q&A was about property rights! Job n umbers are abstract, but Kelo is clearly touching people’s emotions on a personal level. I wonder if the whole Kelo furor will make people realize that the current liberal philosophy (those justices in the majority) is not necessarily in the best interests of normal people, let alone the downtrodden.
    Then again, I always thought Del Mar would make a nice theme park, especially up on the bluffs there …

  2. Bradley J Fluetsch, CFA

    I see you have not tossed your name in the ring for the pension board or the city council!
    The San Diego City council has been a great ligthing rod for pension trustee failures. Here in Alaska, I have used the many examples of the San Diego pension board to bring to the attention of the Legislature the many failures of our pension board. As small of state as we are, our state pension fund is underfunded by $5.7 billio as of 6/30/04 and should be about $6.5 billion now.

  3. Ellen1910

    “Basically, I see myself as an instrument for God and I try to do what God would want me to do in the office I hold,” said Richard Murphy, the evangelical mayor of California’s second-largest city and the nation’s seventh-largest city.
    Three days before Super Bowl XXXVII, Murphy spoke candidly about his faith in Christ during a Baptist Press interview. “I do rely on my faith in Christ” for leading the city, Murphy said. “I pray for guidance in everything I do. I believe it’s important to maintain a strong relationship with God.”,1703,A%253D152299%2526M%253D50011,00.html

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    City Hall, San Diego style

    A couple of former City of Houston aides have had a rough spot lately, but frankly our corruption is blase’ compared to what’s going on at City Hall in San Diego recently. First, the San Diego mayor resigned a couple…

  5. issa

    the city of san diego sucks, move to los angeles.the chargers does dick murphy and micheal zucchet.

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