Podcast with Kudlow & Company

I had a reunion with two of my previous pajama party participants, Paul Hoffmeister of Polyconomics, and Larry Kudlow of Kudlow and Company and Money Politics. This time we had an old-fashioned spoken conversation on the state of the economy that’s available as a podcast.

And this time we seemed to find more to agree on– perhaps we just get along a little better when we can actually speak to each other rather than try to type at the same time. We had an interesting discussion of monetary policy, the gold standard, housing, and what not. Here’s the promo from Kudlow and Company:

As the year winds down, Larry checks in on the state of the U.S. Economy. Housing, the Fed, inflation, taxes…it’s all here in this wide ranging discussion with UCSD professor James Hamilton and Polyconomics’ Paul Hoffmeister.


2 thoughts on “Podcast with Kudlow & Company

  1. spencer

    I read the pajama party discussion and though it was a complete waste of my time.
    It was a group of people making random debating points and talking past each other. It provided no thinking, feedback, debate or information of value.

  2. dryfly

    Dr Hamilton – you ought to invite them to do one of these live, on stage at UCSD and face questions from some of your students… now THAT would be something.
    Have a great holiday.

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