Putting arcane symbols into Powerpoint presentations

I’ve just written up the Idiot’s Guide to Using Tex with Powerpoint. Here it is (it’s only one sentence long):

Download this, find the symbol you want, and copy and paste it into your presentation.


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  1. Financial Rounds

    Putting Arcane Symbols Into Powerpoint (from Econ

    James Hamilton at Econbrowser has just written the “Idiot’s Guide to Using Tex with Powerpoint”: simply download this and copy the symols you need into your presentation.

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  3. John S.

    My first thought was the same as Stephen’s, why not just make the slides right in Tex, and generate a PDF? Unfortunately, some conference organizers and session chairs are so dumb that they will only accept Powerpoint files.
    And if you give your talk off a pdf, you can’t use all those cool transitions and special effects that everyone likes to use nowadays.

  4. Peter Summers

    Actually you can use transitions in pdf presentations. In Acrobat, choose ‘Preferences’ from the ‘Edit’ menu, then click on ‘Full Screen’ and there’s a box where you can set up all sorts of transitions. I don’t know about the ‘coolness’ of these vis-a-vis PowerPoint (some are exactly the same), but I’ve used this in various talks with no problem. Nothing beyond Acrobat Reader is required on the projecting end either.

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