7 thoughts on “Fiesta Bowl

  1. jg

    Yep, last night’s game was a jaw dropper.
    I think the USC vs. Texas game last year was a classic: two Heisman Trophy winners on one side (USC), competing against a storied program that had fallen on (relatively) hard times (UT), won in the waning minutes because of a remarkable individual performance (Young), played in the best setting for college football (Rose Bowl).
    Tough choice for our son, last year; who to root for: my wife was an undergrad at USC, I was an undergrad at UT-Austin. Great game, it was.
    Professor, it’s heartening to see that you have pedestrian interests like the rest of us (or, at least feign such)!

  2. me

    As a lifelong member of the Sooner Nation, I can’t say it is one of the greatest OU games ever played. We’ve had some great Sooner Magic games, and let’s face it, this game was not particularly good until the end- after all, all Sooner fans knew what the outcome would be.
    That said, the last two minutes and OT may be the greatest ending to a college football game ever. The wrong ending certainly; but thrilling, even for me- and that is the first time I have ever said that about an OU loss in my near-40 years.
    Next time: OU 77- Boise State- 0

  3. dogfacegeorge

    “That said, the last two minutes and OT may be the greatest ending to a college football game ever.”
    Bah. The greatest ending to a college football game was The Play that ended the 1982 Cal-Stanford game. And the game was a GREAT game BEFORE The Play. It was the final game of John Elway’s career, and he engineered a fantastic, fourth quarter drive to “win” the game with just four seconds to play. A great way to end his story-book college career – until The Play crushed crushed Stanford’s spirit.

  4. me

    That was a great final play, and a drive that preceeded it. However, in the Fiesta Bowl you had an 80 yard drive with no timeouts, then 3 successive attempts at a 2 point conversion, then an interception return for a touchdown, then a last second touchdown drive capped by a hook n ladder play, then a 25 yard touchdown run (which capped the college career of one of the alltime greats), then a direct snap to the WR who threw a TD pass on 4th down, then a statue of liberty play for 2 points to win it- and all that happened in the last minute and 1/2 of the game plus OT.
    The Play was great, but it was a fluke more than anything.

  5. jedspence

    Boise State Wins Again…
    Are you Sooner people kidding me. It was pretty obvious your bandmembers and fans at the game didnt know what the outcome would be. Watch the game again and look at their reactions every time BSU scored. DUH, what happened? You wanna talk about fluke plays, how about a punt hitting the back of a BSU players foot and giving a gift to OU at the 4 yd line!! The only ones that truly knew what the outcome would be were the people of the BRONCO NATION. PERIOD!!! And as for the next time, bring it on, we are only getting better.
    BSU FOOTBALL, to be continued!!

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