Christmas card

We wish a merry Christmas to all our readers and friends.

Sawtooth Pass in Sequoia National Park.
sawtooth.jpg >

And may you have a prosperous and joyful new year.


10 thoughts on “Christmas card

  1. esb

    This looks like the perfect spot to drop a buck naked Alan Greenspan to contemplate his sins.
    And when he admits, “its my own damned fault,” you can hand him the blanket from your pack.

  2. jg

    Merry Christmas, Professors Hamilton and Chinn, and best wishes to you in 2008. And, please keep up the good work!

  3. General Specific

    I’m not sure whether oil has peaked, even in the short-term, but that photograph tells me James Hamilton has definitely peaked. Please use extreme caution on the down-side. Modern economics–and economists–have proven themselves sound and stable on the upside of peaks, but I have more concern about their performance on the downslope.

  4. dilbert dogbert

    Just took a flight over Sawtooth Pass via Google Earth. Great hike! Not far from Mineral King but a lot of up and up. It doesn’t look horse friendly so I don’t think I will be going there. A couple of years ago we did a birthday trip to Evolution Valley going in via Pine Creek and coming out 60 some miles later over Mono Pass (11,000 ft). My butt hurt for 3 weeks after that horse trip. Go to the mountains and get their glad tidings.

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