10 thoughts on “We’re #2?

  1. jg

    Congrats, Professors!
    Look forward to your comments on the nosedive in the price of oil. Sure looks like a rapid unwind of speculative bets to me, instead of measured reaction to falling demand.

  2. GNP

    I’ll bet if academic economists and other graduated-trained economists were the only ones polled, this blog would be #1 by a wide margin.

    Ted: You’re too funny. Menzie’s Sarah Palin financial crisis post merited 147 comments (not including the ones that were deleted).

    Onward and upward! Thank you for the “hmmm, I see” moments guys!

  3. W.C. Varones

    GNP, that’s a lovely juxtaposition of arguments.
    First, you tout the devotion of academic economists.
    Then, you cite the number of comments on a thread dominated by Daily Kos-style partisan lunatics who don’t know the first thing about economics responding to Menzie’s ill-considered post.
    You are a master of irony.

  4. GNP

    W.C. Varones: Actually, those are meant to be separate points. The blog’s overall popularity is presumably an important criteria in the rankings.

    I thought Menzie’s points were valid, though agreement per se is not a necessary condition for enjoying and benefiting from the blog.

    Frankly, I don’t fully understand this knee-jerk partisan defensiveness of nanny-state Republican supporters. If you suspect Palin’s understanding of the financial sector is poor, please have a closer look at her natural resource/energy policies which seem driven by populist colonial entitlement and open-access ideology more than anything else.

    Incidentally, here’s a message for Republican partisans who may feel a little beat up on this blog. Liberal American economists rarely sin by commission; they tend to sin by omission.

    Take it from a guy who can smell moose in the bush. Isn’t that a great ‘authority argument’?

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