2009 NCAA Bracket Econbrowser Challenge Winner

Congratulations to King Steve, the winner of the
2009 NCAA Bracket Econbrowser Challenge
, and to phuphighter, who came in a close second.

And what’s this? Clawing back up to an honorable tie for third place is my humble entry. Though it seems my bracket was helped out more than a little by the fact that the best team in the country won the tournament.

Thanks to all who participated. See you again next year!


3 thoughts on “2009 NCAA Bracket Econbrowser Challenge Winner

  1. phuphighter

    Thanks Dr. Hamilton! I’m actually more excited about getting a mention on the blog than getting second place.
    Congrats on your third place finish. I don’t think you or I were in the top 40 until the Elite 8 or so.
    Great job Steve. Your Michigan State Final Four pick was very impressive.

  2. Tom

    Well done on the brackets, mine busted about 10 minutes into the final game. MSU, what happened?!

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