Links for 2009-07-25

You might find these interesting:

  • Barry Ritholtz and Robert Reich believe investors should not be pleased with recent positive corporate earnings surprises.
  • Hal Varian reports that Google Trends predicts further reductions ahead in new claims for unemployment insurance.
  • Felix Salmon [1],
    [2] describes how Larry Summers lost a billion dollars for Harvard.
  • ExxonMobil is investing big bucks in some radical new tools for controlling carbon emissions.
  • Lucian Bebchuk worries that the proposed Goldman Sachs compensations represent a return to a dangerously flawed incentive structure.
  • Dave Altig has a very interesting graph showing just how pessimistic consensus estimates are about this economic recovery.
  • And here’s one of the reasons I always try to find something that doesn’t come from AP as a source any time I want to link to something in the news.

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