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  1. Ted K

    That’s damned bogus and sloppy of the WSJ. Especially after all the great posts on inflation Menzie has done recently. That deserves an earnest apology from the goofballs of WSJ. I wouldn’t be expecting it though.
    Menzie, your readers appreciate you very much, even if the slouches at WSJ have lost all their brain cells. Cerebral deterioration was bound to happen at WSJ after reading their own Op-Eds a certain number of times. Be warned…..

  2. dilbert dogbert

    I read the WSJ article and at the bottom was McMegan!!!! You may want to ask the WSJ to take your name off the list. Menzie was lucky.

  3. ppcm

    Unfortunate,the news paper of R Murdoch, forgot M Chinn.
    This omission, does not prevent or alter the quality of the content of Econbrowser posts.
    My best wishes and thanks to both M chinn,J Hamilton

  4. Charles N. Steele

    I think that Chinn and Hamilton easily have the best economics blog of any I’ve seen. Unlike most of the rest, they actually do economics. The “Marginal Revolution” blog doesn’t hold a candle to “Econbrowser” when it comes to actual economics.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Alen Mattich

    Apologies to Menzie for forgetting to credit him as well.
    This is not an official WSJ list, by the way, but rather my little year end thank-you to the bloggers I routinely read and enjoy.
    So thank you Econbrowser.

  6. calmo

    Mankiw has a site, not a blog where ideas are exchanged…Does Mattich recognize this dynamic character in that challenged WSJ atmosphere? (Mankiw’s Blog is a stiff, a carcass, an ex-blog…any references to it as a blog are null and void.)
    So the gesture is well received no matter how sullied the source, the partial delivery (truly, the gods are working for Menzie here ) and the gross admissions and glaring omissions.
    WSJ needs us (non-cadavers) more than we need this shameless marketing…driving us to sites like Econbrowser, yes?

  7. Hitchhiker

    Congrats. Good blog. I see Alen has already apologized. I don’t always enjoy Menzie as much but, I still like to read him:)

  8. Jian Wang

    Econbrowser is definitely one of the best ECONOMICS blogs. Many blogs on the list of the WSJ article have nothing to do with economics, though they discuss economic news.
    Thanks Menzie and James for great posts and Happy New Year!

  9. Mark A. Sadowski

    It’s not quite New Year’s Day but let me say the following that I think is especially of relevance given Alen Mattich’s apparent oversight.
    I respect, and hope, I have always
    shown respect towards Dr. Hamilton.
    But I follow Menzie Chinn.

  10. Bruce Webb

    Well it is what you would expect from the WSJ, with libertarians (and McMegan McGlibertarian) over-represented compared to anyone really doing saltwater economics or indeed left leaning anything.
    I wouldn’t expect the WSJ or any of its writers to agree with Brad DeLong or Mark Thoma, or any of the economists at EconoSpeak, or the posters at Angry Bear (not all of whom are professional economists but of whom many are), but except for the nods to Baker and Krugman (who really can’t be excluded given their prominent platforms), this list seems awfully closed, more of a list of blogs congenial to the editorial stance of the WSJ Opinion page than a list of ‘best’ where that might include criteria like ‘thoughtful’, ‘critical’, or ‘provoking open discussion’.

  11. pgl

    Given that Brad DeLong has had his blog since the dawn of time (OK, dawn of economist blogging) and that Mark Thoma is so well respected by other economist bloggers – their being left off the list surprises me as well. Congrats to James and Menzie as they should always be listed at the top of any such list!

  12. Cl Oregon Girl

    Agreed – I start my day reading Mark and Brad’s blog and am surprised they were left off the list. I also love this blog. Keep it up Jim and Menzie!
    I never read McMegan except for the parodies of her mistakes…

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