2011 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge

If you’re not too busy forecasting oil prices and the stock market, try your hand at the 2011 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge. All you have to do is go to the Econbrowser group at ESPN, do some minor registering to create a free ESPN account if you haven’t used that site before, and make your picks for the winners of each game. Just make sure you complete your entry before Thursday, because the Econbrowser group only allows predictions before the tournament begins.


10 thoughts on “2011 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge

  1. Walter Sobchak

    The tournament field has expanded to 68 and the first set of games will be played on Tuesday night.

  2. Steven Kopits

    Well, at least I have a shot at oil prices.
    That basketball stuff…well, I thought Colorado was good. And West Virginia.

  3. JDH

    Gambler: Go to the ESPN site, sign in with the name you created for yourself, click on “My entries” and “create new entry”. Fill in each outcome you predict, then click “submit”.

  4. J. Miller

    What, no Krugman entry? Cmon Paul! We know you read this regularly, and with Princeton in for the first time in a several years with the huge buzzer-beater over Harvard, how can you not be feeling the Madness?

  5. JDH

    Sean: I have mixed feelings on this question. On the one hand, students can sometimes feel a little isolated here and I could see that big-time sports could add something for the experience of many. On the other hand, I think there is something to be said for universities differentiating from each other in terms of what they offer, and as a professor I’m quite happy with the idea that UCSD’s identity is based very much on the academic side. Plus, I just don’t see where the resources would come from to make such a move.

  6. JDH

    Pushing strings: Certainly the winner is entitled to submit a guest contribution for the editors’ consideration.

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