The 25 best financial blogs

Time magazine has a list of the 25 best financial blogs, in which they included blog reviews written by other bloggers. Here’s what I said about my favorite blog:

If you only follow one economics blog, it has to be Calculated Risk, run by Bill McBride. The site provides concise and very accessible summaries of all the key economic data and developments. One of the reasons McBride is able to do this so well is that he has an almost uncanny knack of recognizing which facts really matter. He began the blog in 2005 because he saw a disaster brewing in the form of the housing bubble, and tried his best to warn the rest of us of what was coming. I’ve followed him closely ever since, and I don’t know if he’s ever been wrong. My advice is, if you’ve come up with a different conclusion from McBride on how economic developments are going to unfold, you’d be wise to think it over again!


7 thoughts on “The 25 best financial blogs

  1. ppcm

    Congratulations to both J Hamilton and M Chinn.
    The same is to be extended to the daily ghosts populating your tribune, the Doctor(s) Jekkyl and Mr Hide.

  2. ppcm

    Read mindful money and thought of an of other case where:
    Well organized charity starts with oneself

  3. sherparick

    I join in the general acclaimation about CR. It is the best. Although I also enjoy Dean Baker’s Beat the Press, his running commentary on silly and absurd statements made routinely in economic and financial stories by the media.

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