Influencing the internets

It seems UFollow’s algorithms decided I’m among the 100 most influential columnists and bloggers. Other econbloggers on their list included Paul Krugman, Felix Salmon, Ezra Klein, Yves Smith, and Bill McBride.


14 thoughts on “Influencing the internets

  1. Ricardo

    Let me say that you are more influencial than your ranking on this blog would show. It does not distinguish between good cites and bad cites. My guess on Paul Krugman is that his errors fill most of the cites of his work.
    You support you positions with evidence. While we may disagree your posts are always well reasoned and supported.
    Most of those on the list are techies. Notably missing are those who primarily share information like Russ Roberts at Econtalk.
    Anyway keep up the good work!!

  2. ppcm

    For Janus face to be complete M. Chinn should be included.
    Anyway difficult to quantify but easy to distinguish knowledge and research from information.

  3. David

    I had a discussion with you on the last blogpost on Peak Oil, and I think I called you a coward for ducking the term(and I stand by that statement!).
    Nonetheless, I find you reasoned, intelligent and the fact that you seem to get Peak Oil, even if you are wise to avoid any doomsday pronouncements, is very needed.
    I would probably bet that a fair share of your readers are indeed Peak Oil readers. Probably a minority but a significant minority nonetheless.
    You’re often quoted on places like and energy bullentin.
    And for good reasons, I might add.

  4. Rich Berger

    It is nice to be recognized, but this is sort of strange list. The only ones I have heard of seem to be lefty types.

  5. person1597

    Gratitude for this blog! Always insightful and justly tolerant of diverse views.
    Economics, politics, philosophy… what’s not to like?!

  6. Johannes

    James, congrats from John. Thats an achievement, worth at least a beer tonight, together with Menzie.
    To quote W. Churchill: “I only trust these statistics, which I manipulated myself.” All the best, keep on going.

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