Update on Kelo in California

New developments on the implications of the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision for California.

Just to bring readers up to date on current San Diego politics, on July 15, San Diego Mayor
Dick Murphy resigned in the
midst of a pension fund scandal
. His replacement, Acting Mayor Michael Zucchet, was
three days later of conspiracy, extortion, and fraud on a separate City Council
scandal. His replacement, Mayor Pro Tem Toni Atkins, was selected
deputy mayor by the City Council on July 25, to be replaced by the winner of a runoff election
for a new regular mayor in November. All of which prompted me to ask,
“isn’t this the same crowd to whom the Supreme Court gave
the power
to kick me out of my home in order to hand it to some developer?”, and recalled to
Calicapia the
old joke, “if the mayor calls, get his name.”

Or her name, in this case, since both Atkins and Donna Frye are women. Frye received the
most votes in the July 26 election that determined the two candidates on November’s ballot. She
has been an outspoken critic of the culture of secret meetings that may have contributed to some
of San Diego’s scandals, as well as quite emphatic in her condemnation of using eminent domain
to benefit private developers.

Whether that will come in time to help Alsco Linen (hat tip: Three Bad Fingers) from falling victim to San
Diego’s eminent domain seizure on behalf of CLB Partners development corporation is not clear,
and it’s certainly of no help to
Revelli Tires and Autohouse
, two businesses that the city of Oakland, California, seized by
eminent domain on July 1 to benefit developers.

If someone has a plan to put honest politicians in every city government in California, I’m
all in favor of it. But just in case that doesn’t work, surely California needs to follow the
lead of Alabama, Delaware, and measures being considered in
14 other states, to
pass legislation banning this outrageous practice outright. Fortunately, such a proposal to amend the California Constitution,
been introduced. I encourage Californians to support this measure.

3 thoughts on “Update on Kelo in California

  1. Deinonychus antirrhopus

    Kelo Fallout Here in California

    Alsco Laundry in San Diego looks like it is going to be the next victim of an eminent domain seizure for the betterment of a real estate developer. The city wants to move out the laundry service to make way for the project, which also includes retail s…

  2. Dan

    SCOTUS didn’t say that our property rights were merely in the hands of local government.
    They said that our property rights were in the hands of local and state government.
    There may not be much difference depending on what state you live in. But I wanted to get that distinction out there.

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