What is an Econbrowser?

I asked TouchGraph Google Browser, and here’s what it thinks.


Econbrowser is primarily grouped among the macroeconomics blogs with Economist’s View, Brad Setser, Calculated Risk, Angry Bear, and Macroblog. Strong links to the energy and environmental communities, anchored by The Oil Drum and Environmental Economics, respectively. And, off in a rather different direction, more financial-oriented macro analysts, the closest and most important of which for us clearly seeming to be Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture.

And then there are the more ideological, conservative blogs surrounding EconLog and Cafe Hayek.

Brad DeLong is clearly confusing to TouchGraph, at least insofar as his relation to us is concerned, partly because it recognizes his MovableType blog, in beige among us macro types, as a separate entity from his Typepad account, which anchors its own oddly eclectic universe encompassing Greg Mankiw’s Blog and Daily Kos.

So I guess that’s what an Econbrowser must be, sort of.

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8 thoughts on “What is an Econbrowser?

  1. jg

    Ha, ha, that’s hilarious, that it links Prof. Mankiw’s blog and Daily Kos.
    Keep up the good work, Professors!

  2. Name

    Amazing. I’m not the only one who has half of those sites bookmarked.
    Mankiw seems unique in that he is both an academic politico and a conservative. Its fun to read his right leaning posts, then read the left leaning comments.

  3. Name

    On the one hand he worked for Bush, and is now working for Romney. On the other hand he wants emmisions taxes.
    Did you read his paper about height taxes?
    Labels don’t fit anyone really. I just think its unusual for an academic to self-identify as a libertarian.

  4. DickF

    My comment was not intended as criticism just an observation. You have described him well. Doesn’t Hillary call herself a moderate?

  5. Name

    Going back to our host’s comment, the future of that Google tool is especially interesting if we are all destined to be bloggers.
    It would allow us to map Mankiw or Clinton and all other humans to create an n-dimensional personality manifold.
    Incidentally, I think recent proximity to Senator Kennedy might have GWB about as “moderate” as Hillary these days. The big circles exert such gravity.

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