Updated Chinn-Ito Financial Openness Index Online

The newest version of the Chinn-Ito financial openness index (earlier discussed here), extending up to 2006, has just been posted. Here’s the series for Argentina and for Venezuela.


Figure 1: Chinn-Ito financial openness index for Argentina (blue) and Venezuela (red). Higher values indicate greater openness. Source: Chinn-Ito index (2008) (Excel).

The index is available here as an Excel file. Documentation is here [pdf]. More extensive discussion of the uses of the index is contained in this paper [pdf]. (Note that these items are also available on Hiro Ito’s website as well.)


Note: This is a de jure, not de facto, measure of financial openness.

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3 thoughts on “Updated Chinn-Ito Financial Openness Index Online

  1. Ajay Shah

    Prof. Ito,
    Thanks a lot for all the hard work you are putting in, that’s giving all of us an incredibly useful database as a global public good.

  2. E. Poole

    Well you know what they say about ‘openess’:
    Here today and gone tomorrow.

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