2016 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge

Sign up for the world famous ninth annual Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge, in which Econbrowsers are invited to demonstrate their inability to predict the outcome of the U.S. college mens’ basketball tournament. It’s almost as much glory as winning Warren Buffett’s competing pool, but don’t worry, you can enter both! If you want to participate, go to the Econbrowser group at ESPN, do some minor registering to create a free ESPN account if you haven’t used that site before, and fill in your bracket before Thursday at noon.

1 thought on “2016 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge

  1. James_Hamilton Post author

    I see I’m briefly #1 in our little contest, which I never expected after Michigan State and WVU were knocked out in round 1. But it’s not going to last, now that Kansas has bit the dust as well.

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