A Big MacParity Guide to Undervalued Currencies

China is not high on the list for “day one sanctions” if one were to look at this fast-food data.


Figure 1: Log relative dollar price of Big Mac against dollar price of US Big Mac (July 2016) versus log relative per capita income in PPP terms (2016 estimates); regression fit from quadratic specification (black dots), and 90% prediction interval (gray dots). Source: Economist, World Bank World Development Indicators, and author’s calculations. Data [XLSX]

Using the methodology outlined in this post, it’s clear that by the price criterion, Russia’s currency is much more undervalued (at 50% in log terms) than China’s.

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  1. 2slugbaits

    Menzie Well….maybe “the Donald” meant Taiwan when he referred to China’s undervalued currency. That might be his new version of a one-China policy. Could be. He really is that dumb.

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