2017 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge

March Madness returns! All are invited to sign up for the world famous tenth annual Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge, in which you can demonstrate your inability to predict the outcome of the U.S. college men’s basketball tournament. If you want to participate, go to the Econbrowser group at ESPN, do some minor registering to create a free ESPN account if you haven’t used that site before, and fill in your bracket before Thursday at noon!

I see that a number of the more serious Econbrowsers have already joined the group before I even got this announcement up, including last year’s winner Jackiegee. So watch out, these guys are good at correctly anticipating!

1 thought on “2017 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge

  1. jackiegee

    Rest assured, jackiegee has done a complete tuneup of his analytic engine and is ready for 2017. Grandchildren will now be allowed to make 30 percent of the picks (up from 2016’s 20)

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