First Year 2017: “The Uncertain Future of Globalization”

The First Year Project is a multi-year, non-partisan effort to (1) Examine the history and structure of presidential First Years, (2) Assess the policy opportunities and threats for our next President, and (3) Influence the national debate by addressing candidates, opinion leaders, and the public.

Volume 10 has just been published, with contributions by:

Other volumes include national security, fiscal policy, immigration, mobility, and infrastructure, among others.

2 thoughts on “First Year 2017: “The Uncertain Future of Globalization”

  1. PeakTrader

    The rising and high Chinese household savings rate, which limits consumption, may be explained to a large extent by economic uncertainty or little confidence in government.

  2. Matt Raft

    I enjoyed Douglas Holtz-Eakin’s article the most. How do voters even begin to discuss “free trade” if almost none of them understand WTO rules and when they apply?

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