“Exchange Rate Models for a New Era: Major and Emerging Market Currencies”

That’s the title of an upcoming conference organized by Global Research Unit at Department of Economics and Finance, City University of Hong Kong, Bank for International Settlements, Asian Office, Centre for Economic Policy Research, and Journal of International Money and Finance, May 18-19 at City University Hong Kong. The conference program is here, official conference website here.

The conference provides a platform for discussing recent advances in modelling exchange rates, and the links between exchange rates and external balances and economic stability from perspectives of both major and emerging market currencies.

Here are the papers:

The conference concludes with a policy panel chaired by Remolona, Eli (BIS), and including:

  • Steven Englander (Citi)
  • Robert McCauley (BIS)
  • Chikahisa Sumi (IMF)

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    1. PeakTrader

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