Huzzah! Three and a Half Years Late, Walker Hits His +250K Jobs Promise

As Wisconsinites will recall, as late as August 2013, Governor Walker was reiterating his promise to create 250,000 new private sector jobs by the end of his first term (January 2015). As of July 2018, Wisconsin’s private sector net job creation surpassed Walker’s promised target — a full 3.5 years late.

Figure 1: Wisconsin private nonfarm payroll employment, 000’s s.a. (red), +250K by January 2015 (light gray), +250K by January 2015 trend (dark gray). Source: BLS, DWD, author’s calculations.

Note that net job creation will not catch up with the trend implied by Governor Walker’s +250K by January 2015 pledge.

By the way, August private NFP declined 100 — essentially flat — after July numbers were revised down by 1900. (Civilian employment, which is poorly estimated at the state level, declined by 6800.)

6 thoughts on “Huzzah! Three and a Half Years Late, Walker Hits His +250K Jobs Promise

  1. dilbert dogbert

    My withdrawal symptoms won’t get better till I get a dose of Kansas. Oklahoma would be a substitute.

    1. Moses Herzog

      @ dilbert dogbert
      Try this one on for size. Banned from doing transactions in multiple states (due to fraud), lied on regulatory forms in multiple states, and ranked as one of the top 10 “shadiest” mortgage lenders in America that receives tons of federal dollars. Kevin Stitt (of Gateway Mortgage Group infamy) is currently running neck-and-neck with Drew Edmondson for Oklahoma state Governor, with a wide lead in rural areas and a lead in the 2nd largest city in the state (Tulsa).

      I’m sorry to inform you Mr. Dogbert, but you are a rank amateur compared to me in choosing, uuuuuhh, shall we say sh*thole places to reside.

      Due to rampant levels of illiteracy in the state of Oklahoma, when presented with the choice in the voting booth of choosing a leader with no ethical blemishes on their record, or slitting their own wrists while simultaneously opening an umbrella lodged inside their an*l cavity, 9 of 10 “Okies” will choose the latter.

      I’m predicting Stitt’s victory in a landslide.

  2. Moses Herzog

    I really try not to be too cynical. But I would just say, similar to farmers voting for trump, that if Wisconsinites vote for Walker again, they get what they deserve. Although I’m sorry the more intelligent ones have to suffer along with them.

    For the record, if I was the Governor of Wisconsin the first thing I do after winning is call up Menzie Chinn on the hardline phone and make him Head of State Economic Policy (or whatever the official title is) and tell the state capitol staff they are in view of my telescopic sight if they contradict the man and also Chinn gets his own private toilet with a set of keys. Strangely…… no one has recruited me for Gov of Wisconsin yet.

    1. Menzie Chinn Post author

      GeoffT: Good point. As I recall, at some point, Walker et al. switched back to private NFP when it was advantageous.

      Because of seasonality in QCEW, it’s hard to make assessment against last available observation. However, comparing January against January, in January 2018, employment was only up 196 thousand.

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