President’s Statement on the Death of Seven Year Old Migrant in CBP Custody


Photo of Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin follows.

Source: Jacob Soboroff.

More on Trump’s border policies in 2018, here.

25 thoughts on “President’s Statement on the Death of Seven Year Old Migrant in CBP Custody

  1. Moses Herzog

    Soboroff has a good follow-up tweet on it, with an interesting thread (certainly the top part of the thread anyway).

    If you follow Soboroff’s tweet thread down you can see, what I believe are sick and inhumane comments by Kirstjen Nielsen. Now, normally it’s a bad idea to try to read people’s inner thoughts, but when I listen to donald trump’s DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, I hear ZERO sincerity there, or empathy. I hear a woman who knows the lyrics she’s supposed to sing, but has no idea what the music is supposed to be:

    I just hope these “murderous” and “raping” immigrants don’t take jobs or housing away from hard-working blue-collar Americans:

  2. joesph

    As Barney Frank said “Republicans concern for life begins at conception and ends at birth.”

    The journey didn’t kill Jakelin. CBP killed Jakelin.

    1. Moses Herzog

      Barney was one of the best on his “quips” and “witticisms”. <<—— I've watched that a good 25+ times and it still manages to crack me up nearly every time I watch it.

      A throwback to the days of Carl Albert There was another southern politician well known for those quips, but the name isn't coming to me, I wanna say Clayburn, but I don't think that's it. I'm 75% sure he was a Texan, and 100% sure he was still active in Congress into the 1980s. Going to drive me nuts until I can pull it out of my brain or semi-cheat with google. White dude, wore glasses and clean-shaven as I am recalling it. Kind of the lovable crotchety type.

      1. pgl

        All children matter. Regardless of what nation they were born in or what their skin color is. Trump is leading a pack of uncaring racists who will make America no longer the shining city on the hill but the despeciable gutter of the world. He needs to resign TODAY!

        1. Steven Kopits

          The point I was making is that market-based visas would create a legal channel for these people to enter the US on demand, eliminating this situation entirely.

          I appreciate that notion may exceed your grasp of the issue.

          1. pgl

            I see – if one can pay, one can get it. That would help the Irish that Paul Ryan wants to move here but it would be of no help to those from Central America.

            “I appreciate that notion may exceed your grasp of the issue.”

            C’mon Princeton Steve. Your attempt to insult me fails miserably. Now if you want to prove to us that you are both a jerk and really stupid, trust me. You succeeded on that score a long time ago.

            I get the issue but do you? No sane person would say so.

          2. Steven Kopits

            You are conflating H1 and H2 visa types.

            Market-based visas would look to replace H2-A, H2-B and mooted H2-C visas with an ‘H2-M’ visas.

            We would only be monetizing costs which migrants already pay, assuming they receive the Relocation Wage.

            The costs:
            Expected value of illegal crossing into the US on a risk and gender adjusted basis: $12,000.

            On-going costs:
            Wage theft: $1.00 – $1..50 / hour
            Under-utilization: $1.00 – $1.20 / hour
            Hassle factor: $1.00 / hour (non-cash)

            That’s how you get from a market wage of $10 / hour to a realized wage of $6.50 / hour.

            Indeed, because the undocumented Mexican population was falling from 2008 until perhaps only the last couple of months, we can conclude that the net realized wage was in fact below the Relocation Wage. In other words, had there been no border control at all after 2007, there would be fewer undocumented Mexicans in the US than there are today.

            All market-based visas do is formalize and monetize costs that undocumented Mexicans are already paying. That keeps people out of the desert and harm’s way. Jakelin’s biggest risk would been the middle seat on the Spirit Airlines flight from Guatemala City.

  3. pgl

    Homeland Security covered this up for a week but reporters kept asking why was procedure not followed to report this girl’s death immediately not followed. Homeland Security finally provided an answer – out of respect for the girl’s family? They showed no respect when out of their negligence this girl needlessly died. They showed no respect when these murderers blamed her father. But now this is their pathetic excuse? They are racists, liars, and brazenly uncaring and incompetent. A real President would fire everyone of them. But then Trump does not care about Latinos either.

  4. Steven Kopits

    I am no fan of the President’s treatment of undocumented migrants, but I understand the frustration with a law which basically allows anyone who shows up and claims asylum free entry into the country.

    Notwithstanding, the issue is not principally the treatment of this poor girl, but the fact that she was there at all. This is not so much a function of poor treatment by Border Patrol, but rather the wholesale bankruptcy of US migrant policy.

    Jakelin was, by our count, the 1,178th migrant to die since we asked Menzie to post on this issue on May 14th. It’s nice to mourn one, but do not the other 1,177 deserve as much?

    And what of the 72,000 women who have been raped since May 14, or the 18,000 who have been kidnapped and extorted, or the 117,000 who have been assaulted and robbed, or the 13,000 trafficked into prostitution or forced labor, or the 60,000 now serving longer prison sentences? Do none of these people warrant a note or a post?

    Were this an intractable problem or one which has no solution which we can imagine, that’s one thing. But when the solution to this problem is right up in the first chapters of an intro economics textbook, well, I think there is plenty of blame to go around.

    1. pgl

      “Notwithstanding, the issue is not principally the treatment of this poor girl, but the fact that she was there at all.”

      My God – blame the parents. Oh no – they should have stayed at home so she could be killed there.

      Oh well – it is only a little Hispanic girl. No big deal as some white woman was raped yesterday in Los Angeles.

      Leave it to Princeton Steve to go beyond pathetic. He always does!

  5. Moses Herzog

    This isn’t intended to be any disrespect to Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin, but I still feel some things in the news cycle are worth sharing.

    Life is tough in the donald trump White House kids, especially when no one bothered to tell you that you were supposed to follow basic ethics rules, the same as all of the modern era Presidential cabinets before you. Oh well, unlike Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin, disgraced Mr Zinke can go home to a cozy fireplace, go out for a round on the golf course, or take a vacation. The early rumor is Igor Sechin is a shoo-in for replacing Zinke as Secretary of the Interior. donald “the VSG” trump just has to phone Putin to see if he has permission first. NO decision is too big or too small that donald trump not run it through Vladimir Putin beforehand.

    Sing it donald!!!!! Sing it for the urinating [prostitutes] in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton donald!!!!! The Moscow [prostitutes] miss you so much!!!!!
    [editing by MDC]

  6. Moses Herzog

    Uh-Oh……. Little Miss Innocent Blonde may have gotten some of “Daddy’s” crap stained all over her high-end heels. What will Little Miss Innocent Blonde do now?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh well….. when Ivanka is not fighting for feminism and the strength and empowerment of women everywhere, she wants everyone to know, she’s “just a big dum-dum” and she just “never thinks in those terms”. Just like her brother Donald Jr. meeting secretly with the Russians in trump Plaza to complete his collection of Russian nesting dolls . These people attacking her Daddy and their “witch hunt” must stop now!!!!!. I demand they stop it now, in the name of PeakIgnorance. CoRev, EdHanson, Bruce Hall, “Princeton”Kopits and assembled morons, I demand they stop this “witch hunt” now!!!! Illiterates and redneck roadkill of America, UNITE!!!!!

    Let’s check in with donald “the VSG” trump and see what he has to say:

  7. Moses Herzog

    Other than being exceedingly jealous of Menzie’s personal mathematics ability and skills at operating econometrics software, it’s relatively rare I read a comment and think “Damn, I sure wish I had said that”. I copy/pasted this comment out of the ProPublica comments section from a commenter going by the handle “RankledAgain”. I thought it was a classic and thought Menzie and some of our better readers here might enjoy it:

    “I have gotten into the habit of changing damning Trump headlines to “Obama” or “Clinton” and sending them to my republican senator. So: “Clinton’s Inauguration Paid Clinton’s Company — With Chelsea in the Middle” Just ONE headline like that would have set off GOP investigations for years. Imagine: “Obama paid off a stripper to silence her during the elections” Can you IMAGINE? He would have been taken out of the WH in handcuffs that very day.

    Republicans are a joke.”

    I’m not certain the stripper thing would have gotten President Obama handcuffs—but he would have been roasted thoroughly by Republican legislators, and the likes of Peggy Noonan (who seems much less phased by amorality of politicians when they have an “(R)” by their name). There would have been hearings about the legality of the election itself, and there would have been a call for impeachment from the time the news had broken. And we would have had lots of moral sermonizing from the likes of Senator Lindsey Graham, who seemingly is totally cool with high school age rape.

    But this specific example of replacing of names in newspaper headlines is kind of a fun exercise, and if any regular commenters here would like to engage in such mental exercises as replacing Trump’s name in incriminating newspaper headlines with “Clinton” or “Obama” and putting them in comments in this blog, I wager it would prove quite entertaining, in a morbid kind of way.

    BTW, there have been some comparisons between what donald trump did in paying of porn performers and what John Edwards did. But the crimes (and yes, what Edward did was a crime) are two totally different crimes:

  8. pgl

    Princeton Steve THINKS he is so smart as only he knows what a “market based visa” system is. No Steve – it is an old idea which was advocated back in 2012 by Adam Ozimek of Forbes:

    I’ll let others read this case for market based visas, which is basically a system of allocating people migrating here for economic reasons aka jobs.

    Now if Princeton Steve thinks migrating from Central America are doing so simply for economics reasons, he is dumber than I give him credit for. These people are facing death by their own governments. They do not have the resources to go the market based visa route. I guess Princeton Steve’s solution to all of this is to let them die. Which put Princeton Steve on the same level as the Racist in Chief.

    1. pgl

      “Steven Kopits
      December 19, 2018 at 3:26 pm
      You are conflating H1 and H2 visa types.

      Market-based visas would look to replace H2-A, H2-B and mooted H2-C visas with an ‘H2-M’ visas.”

      No I am not. God – you babble such incoherent garbage. This has NOTHING to do with the needless death of this 7 year old girl. But of course you really do not care whether kids migrating here die. Like you did not care about the deaths of those on Puerto Rico. Princeton Steve – as arrogant as he is stupid and even more pathetic.

  9. Moses Herzog

    Honestly I try not to spoil the threads with wandering thoughts. Believe it or not. I found this and thought it was quite good and worth sharing. This seemed like the most appropriate thread of the more recent ones. People often have no idea of what they are part of until after the fact. Or at least not the weight of what they are a part of, even if they have some “inklings” of what is going on around them. So what is going on in the ICE prisons right now?? Will we say 20 years from now “Well, I had no idea they were doing that to women and children in the ICE prisons.” when in fact we can guess very well what is happening in the American ICE prisons?? May I posit the idea, that in fact, we “have no idea what is going on” in the ICE prisons, and it has US taxpayers name written all over it:

  10. Todd McCallister

    Isn’t the real problem the gangs and cartels which dominate the governments of these countries? I suspect the coyotes and cartels make more money trafficking people than drugs since people can be “sold” over and over again. I have little doubt that DHS dropped the ball, but I am not sure so that the traffickers fed and cared for this girl very well as she trekked the length of Mexico. We need to formulate an immigration policy that eliminates the incentives for the criminal element to profit from the misery that themselves cause.

  11. Moses Herzog

    This is must watch viewing, and I think if time allows with professorial duties Menzie should also watch all of this. Towards the end they do show some short snippets with Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin’s family’s lawyer. My first impression of her isn’t that great, but I’m probably being unfair judging someone on a very short video. She may be the very best person for the job for all I know:
    This is an 8 minute long video—–>>

  12. Moses Herzog

    Worthy reading, especially if you consider yourself part of the Catholic faith or of Native American ancestry:

    Not certain if Elizabeth Warren has any connection to this story, based on her “deeply engrained” “Native American roots”. Let’s just wait and see. Being of “Native American ancestry” has been “a very rough road” for Elizabeth Warren, no doubt. “So rough” for her. Maybe Barkley Rosser can counsel her through it. He’s good at these things.

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