5 thoughts on “Policy Uncertainty and the Term Spread over the Government Closure

    1. Alan Goldhammer

      @PGL – over 60% of the pharmaceutical duties of FDA are paid for out of industry user fees. When I was working for the pharma industry I worked on the first four user fee legislative proposals. That portion is not affected by the current shutdown and those employees are being paid. Some portion of Medical Device review is also paid for by user fees but I’m not sure what the percentage is.

  1. Moses Herzog

    At least 5 meetings with Putin, the nation has no idea what donald trump said, because just the same as his meeting with FBI director Comey, the primate species donald trump demanded no one else there other than interpreters, and also demanded the interpreter notes be destroyed and that the interpreter discuss it with nobody. I’m sure when donald trump said that, he was just embarrassed over his golf scores. Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see, Move along now. Move along.

    1. pgl

      “the nation has no idea what donald trump said”.
      Putin has no idea what Trump said either as it was his usual babbling!

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