“Artemisia” – An Opera

St. Paul’s Chapel, Broadway and Fulton Street
The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, NOVUS NY, and Trinity Baroque Orchestra

March 7 and 9, 2019 at 7pm
Time’s Arrow

Laura Elise Schwendinger Artemisia

Exploring sensitive themes of our time, the festival includes the fully staged world premiere of the new opera Artemisia (composer Laura Schwendinger, librettist Ginger Strand and Stage Director Christopher Alden).  Artemisia tells the story of the Baroque artist who portrayed herself as Susanna in her famous paintings Susanna and the Elders, and Judith Slaying Holofernes.

Heather Buck – Susanna
Augusta Caso – Artemisia Gentileschi
Oliver Mercer – Agostino Tassi/Elder 1
Christopher Burchett – Cosimo di Medici/Elder 2/Oculist
Richard Troxell – Tomasso
Laura Schwendinger – composer
Ginger Strand – librettist
Christopher Alden – stage director
James Smith – assistant director
Lidiya Yankovskaya – conductor
Zachary Goodman – assistant conductor
Ika Avaliani – set and costume design
Kelly Ruth Cole – production and stage manager
Mason Fick – assistant production and stage manager
Amith Chandrashaker, lighting design

11 thoughts on ““Artemisia” – An Opera

  1. Moses Herzog

    Thanks for the reminder. I have to remember Friday afternoon is the one I’m most interested in with the organ, yeah?? WOW, the painting above is so vivid. One of those things I could stare at for quite awhile. Makes me think of a Humanities course I took in the evening many many years ago. The professor was a guy with the last name Pickard. I could tell you some strange things about him that would probably set off certain alarm bells in the politically correct dept about Mr. Pickard’s class. I actually enjoyed it a lot and ended up taking at least 3 courses with him. But that one was really weird because the Humanities book was just JAM PACKED with pictures like the above, each taking up roughly half a page of a large textbook. Men, Women, flowers, etc. And I liked him very much, but he was also an oddball (I tend to like oddballs so there you go). He would get on long rants about Catholicism and how much real estate the Catholic church owned, He talk about pepper and how important pepper spice was back in the day. He enjoyed asking random questions he knew the odds were quite low anyone would answer (some I suspect just to make us feel stupid as they seemed rather obvious after the fact). But the weirdest thing about Pickard was (of many the weird things we observed in class, and I suspect there were WEIRDER things he did outside the classroom environment) he had a knack for connecting ANY piece of artwork he showed us and connecting it to female……uh, honestly I’m trying to be nice as I can here Menzie, he had a knack for connecting ANY piece of artwork to female genitalia. So never let it be said you won’t even find some weird characters in the halls of higher learning. I guess if you’re a freak or freaky in the ivory towers they just call you “eccentric”?? no idea.

    1. Moses Herzog

      Never heard of him……. Honestly I’ve always been more of a Linguini kinda guy. Linguini used to play string instruments with Clams doing vocals and then they broke up over artistic reasons.

  2. Moses Herzog

    “Will they have subtitles on the Live stream??” the white trash guy in South Central USA asked.

    I’m only half-joking. I suppose I can half-school myself on this before 6:00pm here.

  3. Moses Herzog

    Listening to some stuff of Schwendinger on Youtube. WOW, quite impressive. What I am listening to is kind of the darker type music (Does “High Wire Act” count as “dark”, certainly the latter portion of Part 1 seems that way to MYears). But I like it very very much. I like dark music like the type on “There Will Be Blood” score. These type things. I eat that stuff up (especially when drinking SSSSHHHH!!! It’s our “secret”). Will have to see if my public library has any of her stuff and if they don’t then request it. My public library had been exceedingly good about filling my requests on Music (and everything really). So….if I can’t get it on Youtube, I bet I can finagle it from the beneficent public librarians.

    Menzie have you seen “The Terror” yet on AMC?? WOW, I mean maybe it’s like white culture reliving the “glory days”, but you know, I really like this show. I almost wanna say I “love” the show but I think that term is over-used. How much better would our country be right now if Captain Francis Crozier was running things instead of the “VSG”?? Kind of nice to imagine for a minute or so.

  4. Moses Herzog

    The Opera thing just wasn’t for me. I keep trying, You know, I keep trying and trying on the opera, thinking it’s like coffee you know, that I am going to grab a glass and suddenly like it, or beer, Remember the FIRST time you had beer?? I was age 6 and my Dad let me have two swigs of Budweiser. Man, I thought he had scooped up toilet water into the can or something. Now, if it’s the right brand it tastes like sweetwater to me. So, you know after like the 400th time of trying Opera music I still don’t like it. I went over to Youtube and started watching the “Steebee Weebee” show with Margaret Cho. But I will still listen to the organ tomorrow. 1:00pm yeah?? I will be watching the Live stream for the organ.

  5. Moses Herzog

    I have a lot of respect for this lady—largely in part because she tells it like it is and doesn’t try to put shoe polish on a cow turd.

    I’ve joked about the old cartoon going back to the 1970s or before, where Lucy yanks the football away from Charlie Brown. So, how many times does this make it that Zuckerberg has yanked away the football labeled “Privacy” from the Facebook users?? What year exactly are they going to “get wise” on that promise Zuckerberg has broken multiple times every year Facebook has been in existence??? What would separate the LIE told in 2019 and make the 2019 LIE different from Zuckerberg’s other endless LIES ??? Is Zuckerberg going to pass out bright red caps made in China that say “Make Facebook Great Again”?? Only difference there would be that Facebook was NEVER “great”.

  6. pgl


    Total nonfarm payroll employment changed little in February (+20,000), and the unemployment rate declined to 3.8 percent

    How is that possible? Well the household survey showed two odd things: (1) it claims employment rose by 255 thousand; and (2) it claims those in the labor force declined by 45 thousand.

    1. Moses Herzog

      The numbers are interesting, still digesting it. I mean I understand it, but still digesting it in terms of believability . 20,000 is a pretty slim margin. I have heard the real numbers can be off (from the BLS numbers) by as large as 100,000 pretty easily. And if the numbers are negative once the market takes a hit, and if they are negative twice in a row the market takes a severe tumble. So, we’re left with what in MY opinion is a very scant 20,000 and these numbers are often revised downward. The NYT (disappointingly) is already playing cheerleader on this scant 20,000. I’m not ready to get out my baseball bat with the nails driven through it out quite yet…… but something seems “amiss” here to me on these BLS numbers. Similar to how I felt on the 3rd Quarter GDP. It just smells funny to me.

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