On vacation!

Menzie might be abut slow on approving comments…and fixing errors and omissions…

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  1. Moses Herzog

    Boo hiss!!!! boo hiss!!!! I want a refund. Oh wait, did you say this site was free??

    Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going Professor Chinn (no that is not an enquiry). We hope you are healthy, happy, and SAFE

    1. pgl

      “Man Tests Tesla Autopilot By Trying To Run Over His Wife”.

      OK this sounds shocking but I just recommended to a couple of friends Secret Window, Secret Garden starring Johnny Depp. John Shooter would endorse what this guy did!

  2. Moses Herzog

    So, since this is Menzie’s vacation, and even though Menzie would never openly say it, he’s probably kinda (just a little, you know…… ) tired of some (or all?? naaaaaaah!!!!) of the commenters on this blog. So we should keep comments in this thread light-hearted, yeah?? Here’s something you might find some “comedy relief” in, as journalist Binyamin Appelbaum appears to have gotten a couple chuckles out of it (read the ENTIRE twitter thread):

  3. Moses Herzog

    @ Menzie
    Our good man Mr Ed Leamer at UCLA. I disagree with them on the one rate hike in 2019. I see zero rate hikes in 2019. But a great lecture. As I said before I like Leamer’s style of humor a lot. Kind of a dry style of humor that reminds me of my Dad (again, a compliment)

    Getting to where listening to Mr. Leamer’s lecture is like getting a large handful of Andes mints every 3 months. Shulman is pretty good also, and has some enjoyable moments but Leamer is my fav in that group.

  4. Moses Herzog




    The “I was singled out” defense. Try that one out next time you get charged with multiple felony crimes and crimes against the state. Or any crime for that matter. Try it next time you’re in a pack of vehicles going 15mph over the speed limit and you are the only one who gets pulled over by the highway patrol and see how that one “plays out”.

  5. noneconomist

    But I’m confident Dr. Chinn will return when the 275,003 indictments JBH has assured us are imminent are announced as the dismantling of the deep state begins. (Well, kind of imminent. Maybe they won’t be announced for a while. Maybe they will be….)

    1. Moses Herzog

      I’ve always assumed JBH is referring to Hillary, the FBI and the Justice Department. I hope it goes without saying I see no such crimes (as they don’t exist). But I think it’s safe to assume whatever delusions JBH has on this have no relation to donald trump’s crimes.

      I do think HIllary committed crimes related to her private web server, which I probably would have given her a 6 months prison term for and a hefty monetary fine to set the example on protecting state secrets–along with probationary time tacked on to her 6 month prison time. But as much as I strongly dislike Hillary Clinton—I see no large conspiratorial intentions on her part. She could have also been punished for using the State Department as a campaign and Clinton Foundation fund raising tool. But again, that’s a minor offense compared to what donald trump has done. So in Hillary’s case I think mild federal prison time (6-18 months in a cell) along with serious prohibitive monetary fines would have been suitable.

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