4 thoughts on “Proceedings Online: “Integration or Disintegration? The Future of Global Governance and the Global Economy”

  1. Moses Herzog

    AWESOME. Already looking forward to this as these were great guests and contributors. Appreciate La Follette, Professor Chinn, and all the business dept staff for being willing to share this online. Wisconsin students are fortunate to interact with such a stellar group. Hopefully they realize that. Although youth can sometimes “miss” the fact when they have some great experiences until after the fact, but something intuitively tells me the young folks at La Follette took full advantage and realized what a great event this was.

  2. Moses Herzog

    Just got some onion burgers in Oklahoma City at a place called “Tucker’s”. Menzie, if you’re ever stuck in OKC because flight delays or something or driving through OKC on your way to Dallas—Tucker’s Onion Burgers is a good hangout. Probably not quite as upper class as I’m guessing you go for, but I still wager you would enjoy it. There’s two of them in the city and I presume they are both the same in product and service.

    Also Marshalltown Iowa (small town, south central Iowa, straight shot east on US. 30 from Iowa State University) has a place called “Taylor’s Maid-Rite”. A place that you can only “get” the appeal of after having eaten there.

  3. Frank

    Professor Chinn,

    Thank you very much for uploading the Symposium videos.

    On the Fred data site, I was able to reproduce the graph by Dr Levy at 20:10 on the Panel 1 video.

    That graph shows manufacturing employees as percentage of total nonfarm employees.

    I am still working on duplicating the other graphs. I think it is an extremely useful exercise for insight and discovery to duplicate the graphs and build new graphs.


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