The Journal of Economic Perspectives in the Classroom

A collection of JEP articles readers have cited as useful for instruction, by category:

Principles or Introductory Course
Intermediate Microeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Money and Banking
Financial Markets
Experimental Methods
Labor Economics
Health Economics
Public Finance
Behavioral Economics
Game Theory
Social Norms and Networks
Industrial Organization
Law and Economics
Household Economics
Immigration and Emigration
Economic History
Urban Economics
Sports Economics
Europe: Topics Course
China: Topics Course
Soviet and Post-Soviet: Topics Course
Japan: Topics Course
Latin America: Topics Course
Middle East: Topics Course
Public Policy
Political Economy
Economics Profession

These articles can be helpful in elevating the level of discourse on the comments section. In terms of statistical methodology, I strongly advocate reading Stock and Watson (2017), particularly for those who want to discuss macroeconometrics intelligently.

9 thoughts on “The Journal of Economic Perspectives in the Classroom

  1. Moses Herzog

    WOW, that is a real deal treasure trove. I think that’s more than we’ll ever see come to fruition in 2019–2020 presidential campaign promises. THANKS Menzie

  2. Moses Herzog

    Menzie, you know there is always the nit-picky whiny SOB wants to complain about something even though you handed them a wealth of abundance in kindness from your academic hand—– Surprised there was nothing from Uwe Reinhardt in the Health Economics section. He was a great man (and similar to you was considerate of the well-being his fellow man here on Earth). Very under-rated gentleman the way I have it tabulated. Similar to our good man Mr. Krueger, a big loss to the Economics community when he passed away.

    Big Janet Currie fan though, have one of her older books laying around this house somewhere.

      1. Moses Herzog

        I didn’t even think about that. It does kinda answer the question though. Maybe I kind of, how to say….. inflated Uwe’s stature in my own mind because I liked and admired him so much. Or maybe Princeton profs tend to “publish” in other journals?? I mean maybe guys at this Uni publish at journal X and guys at that Uni publish at journal Y?? Or it’s a regional thing?? It explains it, but still seems odd in some ways.

        Unrelated topic This is both for Menzie if he so cares and also Menzie’s regular readers, and conceivably even Menzie’s students. Before you decide whether to click on this reddit link. I wanna stress I do not know the person who uploaded the URL links inside the reddit link (after you make the link jump) AT ALL. Ok, so they could be Russian bots, or best friends with Paul Manafort and close friends with General Flynn for all the hell I know. However….. the link looks legitimate to me, and for any people out there, Menzie’s students who are “R” program hobbyists, or “Frank” down in south Georgia, or 2slugbaits, this link or “R” package might be worth a try to play around with. I’m not even sure if it works with my set-up but I am gonna try and install this later tonight if the package looks legitimate. I’m not “vouching” for the URL link’s or the “R” packages’ safety–only saying it might be worth a gander and some mild inspection. Hope it’s useful to someone:

  3. Moses Herzog

    Whatever anyone wants to say about the man, he’s digging in, he’s gutting it out, and he’s working hard. I don’t see how that doesn’t earn a person broad respect. He’s not my number one choice, but I’d happily vote for him as the nominee, and I’m certainly glad he’s in the race. Before you had President Obama you had candidate Jesse Jackson. These things mean something whether people mark it down or not.

    1. Moses Herzog

      You can say this has racial undertones to it or whatever you like, I am just speaking honestly here. Before roughly 2006, if someone had asked me “Do you think an Asian man or an African American man would be more likely to become president first??” I would have answered Asian. What is my point?? The point is I am middle aged white guy (you know, the creepers uncle one)—-I never thought we would have a black president inside my lifetime, EVER. Yang is setting a marker, and when that marker will be passed I cannot venture to say—but it WILL be passed. I’d even say it’s 60% he passes his own marker. 2028 run?? Who can say?? He has a boyish quality to his face (which usually ages better than typical) and he can add a lot on to his resume between now and then.

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