The Economy in a Time of Covid-19

Just finished a conversation on Wisconsin Public Radio “Central Time”. Here are some papers that informed my talk.

Update, 3/31:

5 thoughts on “The Economy in a Time of Covid-19

  1. Moses Herzog

    Great job Menzie. You made many great points cogently and with limited time. I always really get aggravated when they cut guests off mid-thought, but I think the host didn’t have any more control over that than you did, just one of those things. I remember as a young man in my early teens coming home to watch Phil Donahue mid-afternoon. We didn’t have cable TV in our home and I wasn’t quite fully aware or conscious of NPR then, so Donahue was the best thing if you just wanted to sit on the floor or couch and vegetate. And I remember all the times Phil Donahue used to say “We don’t have time for that” or “We’re out of time” and I thought to myself if the bastard ever stopped telling people he was “short on time” they’d have another extra 40 minutes in the show.

  2. Moses Herzog

    Interesting that the orange creature is not worried at all about the shortage in N-95 masks, and how more private companies could be requested to make these masks, but now the orange creature wants to put people in prison, with no reason to justify detaining them for unlimited time. Gee, wonder if the braindead Sammy and Bruce Hall are paying attention. Rick Stryker must be excited by the idea of putting people in prison for no legal reason:

    This sounds like the type idea that White House consultant “Princeton”Kopits must have come up with. Certain to get “Princeton”Kopits on FOX News at a better time than his usual 4:00am time slot. He’s got big ambitions of shooting for a larger TV audience than his Afghan dog and his mother.

  3. Moses Herzog

    Menzie’s favorite public speaker. I don’t know, it seems like a questionable kind of admiration, but I’m no arbiter of who the great orators are. <<—-4 minutes

    [ Is that the sound of thin ice cracking I hear under my feet?? Hmmm?? That seems strange for early spring…….. ]

  4. Alex Sharp

    The link on “a note on the economic impact of coronavirus” broken. Thanks for all this!

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