In Memory

With the Washington Monument in the background, President-elect Joe Biden with his wife Jill Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with her husband Doug Emhoff listen as Yolanda Adams sings “Hallelujah” during a COVID-19 memorial, with lights placed around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Source: NPR


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  1. Moses Herzog

    What an outstanding picture. I assume you have to get permission for the positioning of the photo, but either way, kudos to Evan Vucci. About as tasteful and restrained as you can make it. My h.s. band teacher used to say “there is power in potential”. The “understated” style of the photo is what gives it its power.

    Although you could say it’s not really related, it also reminds me of the late night scene in “The Plot Against America”, when Herman Levin is trying to emphasize to his son Philip the importance of the Lincoln Monument, and the adjoining inscribed words.

  2. Manfred

    Yes, very moving, sure – very appealing to emotions.

    Now Menzie, do one to the 12K+ that died from the swine flu (H1N1) epidemic.
    And, who was president and vice-president at the time? I know, one cannot bring this up in this blog.
    It is very close to sedition. And one gets kicked out of Twitter and canceled in Amazon if one mentions this.

    You see Menzie, you would never to do this for the swine flu – which was declared a global pandemic.
    Question, is this what is taught in “schools of public policy”?

      1. Moses Herzog

        The key word in all of Manfred’s comment is sedition. Can we all guess why Manfred brought up sedition at this moment?? HINT: It has nothing to do with Twitter or Amazon. The subtext is _________

        OK, I gave you a couple moments to figure it out……..

        The subtext is, Manfred does not see what happened at the speech before the violent attack on the U.S. capitol as sedition, or the attack itself on the U.S. Capitol as sedition, so he has to use a much more ludicrous example of sedition (which isn’t why trump was banned from social media) juxtaposed to the attack on the U.S. Capitol (again Manfred’s subtext message) to say that the trump’s speech was not sedition.

        The same song donald trump played at this incitement to violence, he played at Joint Base Andrews when he left Joint Base Andrews. The SAME song.

      1. baffling

        swine flu was also exactly that, a “flu”. we have had flu vaccines for many, many years. we know how to handle the flu. and covid19 is at least an order of magnitude more lethal, as well as more infectious. this comparison to the flu has been a hallmark of the dishonest propagation of facts by the trump group since last january, when it was “just the flu”. just call manfred for what he is, a political hack with no real interest in honest discourse.

    1. baffling

      apparently manfred has not really educated himself on the swine flu and covid19. if he had, he would understand how utterly ridiculous his comment was.
      manfred, why not do constructive things going forward, rather than live in a jaded and dark past? you should be happy that an individual such as Menzie is teaching public policy issues. you think the fox new curriculum is appropriate?

      that said, manfred, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own blog, with a post honoring the swine flu. rather than telling others what to do, why not take some action yourself? it apparently is an important topic for you to discuss.

    2. Barkley Rosser


      Yes, swine flu was pretty bad, 12469 dead. This compares to now over 400,000 dead from Covid-19 in US, over 30 times as many and still counting with probably a couple more 100 K to go before it’s over.

      There is also the fact that the swine flu started here, not in China or wherever. And once it was figured out what was going on there was a massive and coordinated effort to combat it, which in fact succeeded in bringing it to end by not too long after a year after it started. The Biden admin has learned, unsueprisingly, on taking office and after zero transition cooperation from the Trump admin, that there was no plan at all, with many other things not there claimed to be there, such as the supposed federal stockpile of vaccines. This is on top of the many thouands who died because of Trump’s failure to encourage mask wearing or social distancing rto the point people in his own admin got it mass numbrs, including over 130 Secret Service agents, not to mention Herman Cain dying of it from one of Trump’s superspreader rallies in Tulsa he was urged not to hold. Of course Trump ridiculed Biden for “hiding in his basement,” but there has not been a single case among any of the team around Biden. Fortunatelyi he is now in charge of this and we shall see some action.

      As for Trump, he never did anything like this memorial. You whine about no mrmorial for the 12,000+ swine flu dead? Why are you not holding Trump responsible for all of his disastrous actions and worthless non-actions surrounding this?

      And, yes, your repeated whining about being censored is just hilarious. I think Menzie has been pretty clear about what he dings: clearly racist or sexist starements and using the s-word. Got it, ridiculous whiner?

      1. pgl

        Tucker Carlson last night whined that Biden was about to put him and his ilk in jail. Not that Tucker would not deserve it.

  3. Moses Herzog

    We hear a lot of bad-mouthing of the younger generation, on TV, radio, the internet. But it strikes me that a lot of the younger generation are way more intelligent than Baby Boomers and Generation X. And if you’re looking around, it’s not terribly difficult to find examples. Some of them know right from wrong not only through their own foraging for the true meaning of right vs wrong~~ but even in spite of the wrong guidance their parents have given them.

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