Econbrowser now on WordPress

We have migrated our blog-management system over to WordPress, which will give Econbrowser a slightly different look and help us keep up better with improving technology. For example, by clicking on the appropriate icon that you’ll now find at the end of each post, you can instantly communicate anything you find of interest through other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Please let us know if you have trouble with any old links, encounter any problems with the new system or have other suggestions.

Thanks to my tech-savvy daughter for helping us to make the switch. You can learn about her company at

14 thoughts on “Econbrowser now on WordPress

    1. James_Hamilton Post author

      Nick G: We were having a real problem with massive spam attacks, which was one factor prompting the move. For now, yes, our plan was to open comments on just a few of the most recent posts until we see what size of problems we run into. With the new system we do have a nuclear arsenal to deal with the problem, albeit at a cost of making it more inconvenient for legitimate commenters.

      In any case, if there is an older thread that you would like us to re-open for comments, just let us know and we’ll be happy to do that.

      1. Nick G

        Well, the post of 1/17/14 would be fun to re-open. Steven Kopits and I were discussing the transition away from oil, and there may be more to say.


  1. AS

    As mentioned by others, the white background is difficult to look-at and read. The background on the former blog software seemed easier on the eyes compared to this updated program.

  2. Ned Baker

    Good luck with WordPress! I hope it goes smoothly.

    I agree the new site is a bit harder to read (to me, mainly due to the extreme width of the text), but I will continue reading Econbrowser no matter how hard it is 🙂

    I hope you sort out the commenting since the blog always had good discussions going there. Lurkers like myself would benefit 🙂

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