UCSD Chancellor’s Associates Award

I was recently honored to receive the UCSD Chancellor’s Associates Award for Excellence in Research and Social Sciences. Here’s a video they made for the event.

14 thoughts on “UCSD Chancellor’s Associates Award

  1. AS

    Professor Hamilton,
    Congratulations! When I was a student at UCR eons ago, I was always in awe of the ability of my professors. You certainly continue to set a high “bar” and raise it. Your students are very lucky.

  2. PeakTrader

    I think, there’s a productivity cycle, from the time a worker starts a job to a point that job becomes inflationary, at full employment. And, at that point, the economy is more susceptible to an oil shock. Moreover, it seems, a small part of the workforce can have a big cyclical effect.

    Since the last recession, we had a severe structural break, where monetary and fiscal policies haven’t had much of an effect. I think, there are many factors causing the economy to underperform.

  3. Rich man Johnny

    BTW, you still write on your old IBM thinkpad, why don’t you consider that it’s now time to buy a new one ?
    (well, I know the meager salary of UCSD professors … )
    Good luck, anyway.

  4. spry

    Congratulations! It is amazing how you combine excellence in academic publishing with advising a large number of graduate students. Of course, all this in addition to maintaining one of the best econ blogs around.

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