George Borjas thinks he understands Paris Hilton

My former colleague George Borjas has a notion that he might get more traffic for his new blog if he discusses the economics of Paris Hilton.

You think he’s right?

3 thoughts on “George Borjas thinks he understands Paris Hilton

  1. T.R. Elliott

    In the world of economic blogs, I’m just not sure one can generate as much traffic with Paris Hilton as with the following:
    * Peak Oil
    * Gold versus fiat money
    * Role of government versus free market to solve social problems
    These topics draw the zealouts out the woods faster than warm-blooded living souls draw out the zombies in a remake of Night of the Living Dead. In fact, truth be told, I think some of the zealots on economics blogs are zombies.
    Peak Oil, Gold Standard, and others–they are the down and dirty, tawdry, comment drawing topics in the world of econmics. At least from my experience.

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