The Global Economic Crisis

Here’s the video from a panel convened by the University of Wisconsin’s Center on World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE) on November 20, 2008. Presenting were
Alison Alter, Associate Director of WAGE; Mark J. Ready, Professor of Finance, Investment and Banking; Darian M. Ibrahim, J.D., Assistant Professor of Law; Menzie D. Chinn, Professor of Public Affairs and Economics; and Mark S. Copelovitch, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs, and Edward Friedman, Professor of Political Science.

My powerpoint presentation was posted here if one just wants the slides.

4 thoughts on “The Global Economic Crisis

  1. Babinich

    per Mark Copelovitch. He’s raised the issue that there is:

    “No international lender of last resort”

    Good; lets keep it that way…

    Why is there an effort afoot to implement a policy to strip nations of their sovereignty in the effort to create an oligarchical power?

    Who said the next war would be fought with weaponry as it is currently defined?

    “Finance is the gun; politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.”

  2. Nescio

    I am using Linux and can’t use Silverlight (Microsoft !) on my computer. Why are you using a proprietary format and not something like mp4 or Theora ? A PUBLIC university like UW should know better.

  3. vorpal

    I use Linux too. You shouldn’t exclude smart people capable of using a modern OS from seeing the video.
    Get your act together.

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