The State of Energy Markets in Mid-October

Who Knows?

From EIA, accessed 12 October 2013:


More from FoxNews.

Update, 10/13, 5:40PM: And just so we don’t forget what this is all about, it apparently has something to do with the stars and bars, Christianity, and impeaching President Obama:


Source: Salon.

Update, 10/14, 9:30AM: And for emphasis, apparently it has a lot to do with the Confederacy.


At the White House, on 10/13. Source: Andrew Burton/Getty Images NY Daily News.

9 thoughts on “The State of Energy Markets in Mid-October

  1. c thomson

    Damn! No oil will trade. Darkness will spread across the world. Kopits and Brown will retire to an ashram. Doom! Doom!

  2. Jeffrey J. Brown

    Re: c thomson,
    For the data deprived, here are a couple of charts.
    2005 to 2012 rates of change in ECI Ratios* for (2005) Top 33 Net Oil Exporters:
    At an ECI ratio of 1.0, a net oil exporter hits zero net oil exports. The chart shows that 26 of the Top 33 net oil exporters in 2005 are currently trending toward zero net oil exports (a couple of them have already arrived).
    And the GNE/CNI Ratio** from 2005 to 2012:
    This metric is analogous to the ECI ratio, and at the 2005 to 2012 rate of decline in the GNE/CNI ratio, China & India alone would theoretically consume 100% of Global Net Exports of oil in only 17 years.
    *ECI Ratio = Ratio of total petroleum liquids + other liquids production to liquids consumption (EIA)
    **GNE = Combined net exports from (2005) Top 33 net exporters
    CNI = Chindia’s Net Imports (EIA)

  3. Equityval

    Check out Bentek. They are the source for a lot of the EIA’s analysis these days.
    The gas stations in my neighborhood haven’t run dry, and the gas in my stove works fine.
    Oh the humanity.

  4. Ricardo

    A private sector company begins to have financial troubles. How do they treat their customer base? Do they reduce services? Do they post guards to keep customers out? Do they shut down web sites so customers cannot get information about their company and products? Customers pay their bills.
    The government runs into financial troubles. Citizens are not seen as customers but as costs. How so they treat their customer – oops! – I mean cost base? Tax payers pay their taxes with a gun at their head!

  5. Steven Kopits

    I personally have retired to the Hindu Kush to contemplate my life, due to the absence of EIA data. The EIA did, however, get out the October STEO last week–with my thanks and appreciation to the STEO team.

  6. Hans

    Professor Chinn, this is a setback to your Sterling reputation.. A quote from the still function Deportment of Education..

  7. ricardo is bafflinlg

    last time i checked, the government was not a corporation. it exists to do the bidding of the people. and right now, some extremists in congress think the people do not want the government bidding. hence the shutdown. a clean CR and debt limit should be voted on-and then you could have your services. otherwise, quit whining, as you get what you pay for.

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