The Pound, 4AM London Time

As assessed probability of Brexit rises, the pound falls.


USD per Pound, last 5 days, as of 4AM London time. Source: Bloomberg.

Pound is down 9.29% against USD since London close (5PM local).

2 thoughts on “The Pound, 4AM London Time

  1. Kevin O'Neill


    Anyone with half a brain?

    Apparently the UK has their own strain of Republican halfwits. Though ‘half’ is probably unacceptably complimentary.

  2. Erik Poole

    The sharp slide of the pound is likely an overreaction. Many active market participants in North America will be looking for buying opportunities over the next few weeks.

    Some day, somewhere, rich western elites will learn that large demographic shifts can have undesirable negative impacts on local populations. And that simply living in a neighbourhood beyond the means of the newcomers does not mean that all your fellow citizens live in the same kinds of neighbourhoods.

    Americans are less unlikely to understand given their fondness for violent social engineering.

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