Wisconsin Employment Declines, Previous Revised Down

Figures released by DWD suggest a slowdown in Wisconsin.

Figure 1: Wisconsin nonfarm payroll employment, from August release (green), September release (red), and October release (blue). BLS and DWD.

In addition, Minnesota has (again) essentially caught up with Wisconsin in employment.

Figure 2: Minnesota nonfarm payroll employment (blue) and Wisconsin (red). BLS and DWD, DEED.

And if you are curious, Wisconsin is 2800 jobs down from the 250,000 new jobs promised by January 2015 (and the gap is now getting larger).

Thanks, Walker!!!!

10 thoughts on “Wisconsin Employment Declines, Previous Revised Down

  1. Moses Herzog

    You now how the average redneck equates this thing, they will be sure that since this number is quoted after the election that it’s Tony Evers fault. I’m not even trying to be funny, I have seen how this works in the mind of your average citizen in a red state (I’m sure you know to which state I am referring Menzie), and they never account for time lags in economic policy. They honest to God think these things can happen in days after a “dirty liberal” takes office. And when the advantage of the positive economic effects of President Obama cleaning “W” Bush’s fecal matter off the White House toilet seat finally disentangle, guess who gets to buckle in for that joy ride?? Uneducated citizens (like, what, 80% of the electorate??) never can seem to connect the economic policy with the stutter-step of the impact.

      1. Moses Herzog

        Emphasis there is on “redneck”. Average redneck. If I said average/typical American we adjust the bar a little higher. I actually don’t ask for that much—a bare minimum of 5th grade reading level and reading a newspaper/magazine or well credential website every other day to know WTF is going on in the world. That means reading clear to the last 2 paragraphs of any story. That means more than going into a trance looking at the latest MILF twat’s legs on “FOX and Friends” and then telling your friends you are “well-informed”. But I will grant you that even Garrison Keillor would not be considered “a citizen in good standing” of Lake Woebegone.

        But hey, who am I to talk? I was a very poor grade school student and was always more of a Possum Lake/Possum Lodge kinda guy:

  2. joseph

    I’ll use my Ed Hanson/Bruce Hall voice: “See, Evers hasn’t even started yet and he’s already screwing things up.”

  3. Marie in Mpls

    Menzie, I live in Minnesota, and I looked up the Labor Force Participation Rate and was surprised to see that there appears to be a cluster of states with the highest participation rates in the Upper Midwest. Our median age is younger than many of the states that have lower participation rates. Can you explain this, and does it have anything to do with snowbirds who possibly claim other places as their primary residence and are no longer included in our total?

  4. Moses Herzog

    I know Koreans and Chinese, and other Asian ethnic groups have different cultures, different facial features, etc. But I have to think that the broader group of Asian Americans are very happy to see Asians win in American political races for high office. And which party do they belong to?? Not universally/100%, but the vast majority does not belong to the party of old white men, and racists. There”s a reason why affluent Asians and affluent Jews (and middle class) tend to pick the same party. You figure it out.

  5. Moses Herzog

    Menzie, I have a very oddball question for you (my usual). Did you ever meet David Lynch?? The reason I ask is he did some “monoprints”, and he did that in Madison Wisconsin. So I thought maybe there was a chance you had run into him one time or another.

    1. Moses Herzog

      Phd (or as my Masters’ in Education father jokingly used to say “Puh-hud”) degree, related to Public Policy, and former CEA guy. You should probably be pissed I was low-balling you.

      As a man residing in the South with his heart forever in the Midwest (strictly geographically speaking here), it would be nice to see the state guided by good hands. For you I think, easy on some levels, but making sure resources were used efficiently and helping others I think would give you joy.

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