Presentation: “The Economic Consequences of Trump’s War on Multilateralism”

Here is a link to my October 18th Global Hot Spots talk, sponsored by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.

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    1. pgl

      That has to be bad news for you as the staff at Fox & Friends will now be less likely to have you on pushing the Trumpian immigration (aka racist) agenda. Oh well – at least you can write on Ukranian oil and possible dirt on Biden!

      1. pgl

        It had a massive crack today as Bill Taylor testified. The case for that “quid pro quo” is now overwhelming.

        1. Willie

          I’m not holding my breath. The low information voters may or may not care at all. The economy is what matters.

  1. Moses Herzog

    Were there any UW-Madison cheerleaders at this event?? I need to know before I make the trouble to hunt down the video.

  2. Moses Herzog

    Menzie (you know I can’t resist)…….. Uhm, if you keep confessing to working with Peter Navarro, you’re going to take all the fun out of teasing you about it. If I don’t feel it’s annoying or harassing it takes all the fun out of it for me. Damn, why are some people always like this??

    1. ilsm

      I use the analogy of a criminal organization boss not tilting with another boss over a hit man in dutch with the other guy.

      Will democrat outrage boil when al Qaeda in Idlib is ousted?

  3. pgl

    We have a new winner for the dumbest person ever and no it is not one of our Usual Suspects. It is Senator Lindsey Graham aka Trump’s #1 sycophant:

    “Sen. Lindsey Graham told “Axios on HBO” in a taped interview that he was open-minded to supporting impeachment if there was evidence that Trump committed a crime or engaged in a quid pro quo outside of the phone call with the Ukrainian President.”

    He cannot be THIS stupid. He is not Mr. Magoo. So yea this lying POS knows Trump commits felonies on a daily basis. What a pathetic little weasel!

  4. Moses Herzog

    @ Menzie
    I’ve made it clear on here before I’m not a big fan of “Economist” magazine, but they had a pretty good article on “GVC” in one of the July issues Menzie.

  5. Paine

    The trump trade wars
    … other then with
    the great Han menace….GHM..
    are mostly for
    Rough fun and
    They will evaporate in due time

    Then again

    The tariff SPATS with the GHM
    are part of the new cold war strategy of our geo political great gamers

    Measuring by Germany v Britain time units
    1870 to 1914

    This is maybe 1880 or so …at most

    35 years of global pax to go

    Plenty of time yet
    before we run into
    the ice berg fields

    Unless climate changes melt them all

    1. ilsm

      ‘GHM’ is way ahead executing their 100 year plan. They have run through the last 50 year plan ahead of schedule.

  6. Moses Herzog

    We’ve seen different articles and second hand stories on donald trump. I think this is one of the better articles which captures how childish trump’s mind is, often acting like a 12 year old.
    Anyone who thinks this man is playing any kind of chess is completely delusional. This man can’t even do checkers. I’m trying to think of the game trump is playing. Maybe he has the entire card dealing set for “Garbage Pale Kids”, and he can just play with those, with his teeny hands:

    1. ilsm

      Moses…… if you think facts in the pentagon are any better than facts in the congress………. or anywhere else inside the beltway.

      Inside the”beltway”, I visited there a lot but avoided any permanent stay/damage (I hope).

  7. Moses Herzog

    First John Giorno, now Nick Tosches. These guys were GIANTS in my book, and if you randomly picked 20 people off the street under age 30 who these guys were, you’d be lucky to snag two that had any hell idea who they were.

    Then we could get into Robert Forster, who proved he was one of the greats with a SINGLE performance in Jackie Brown, not to mention his David Lynch stuff. I’ve seen this scene at least 25 times, and everytime I watch it I get tingles on the back of my neck. Never seen anyone nail THAT feeling like Forster does with his eyes. Just his eyes.

    To see these guys pass away not getting their due, it’s enough to make you feel like damned old man.

  8. Paine

    Baker Thesis

    The intellectual property rights war
    With peoples China
    Has little to offer wage earning America
    The multilateral way
    Ring fencing the PRC:

    exactly the goal of our Stalwart geo political
    great gamers

    Will the brains of wall street concur ?

  9. Moses Herzog

    Did anyone else notice Mervyn King’s most recent comments on Brexit?? Wherever you stand on the issue, rather fascinating. It’s worthy to note, Mervyn baby is now employed by Citigroup. So then the next question arises, how would it benefit Citigroup to shrug off Brexit? My stance has always been Brexit will hurt in the short term, but not be near as bad as projections long-term. But again, why would Mervyn King take this stance of not addressing it in an important public speech??

  10. pgl

    Author of the oped “I Am the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” is about to publish a book called “A Warning”.

    Now Trump went off even before this news about some “lynching” or the poor little crybaby. Can’t wait til this book sends the Imbecile-in-Chief truly over the edge.

    1. Willie

      I would like to know who Anonymous really is. So would Trump, no doubt, which is why neither of us will know. For a while. I suspect that Anonymous will come out of the shadows once there’s a reduced likelihood of retaliation. The fact that Anonymous is hiding gives a certain amount of cover for the apologists for Trump. That’s a problem.

  11. spencer

    I’m seeing some interesting developments in the imported car average transaction price reported by BEA. Note, auto imports tend to the extreme — the expensive luxury cars at the top and econocars at the bottom. This measure counts imports from Mexico and Canada as domestic North American production.

    Right now total and imported auto sales are downv11.2% from a year ago. However, imported sales have been falling for 6 years except for a small uptick late last year. But the average annual transaction price of imported car is down some 16%, The price decline is being driven by changes in the composition of auto imports as luxury car sales are falling more than other imported auto sales. This is an unusual cyclical development as imported car sales typically hold up better when auto sales fall. But this time imported luxury cars are falling much more than normal while sales at the bottom of the market are holding up as they usually do because of buyers trading down to less expensive cars when sales are under pressure.

    But the fall in average transaction prices for imported cars could be another signal that the well-to-do consumers are the ones pulling back this cycle because of fears about what Trump will do to the economy. It is in line with other reports that luxury retail is hurting while standard and low price retail is OK.

    The BLS is also reporting that imported car prices are only down -0.7% while used car prices are actually rising, Historically, used car prices fall much more than new car prices when auto sales come under pressure. The BLS imported car prices does not adjust for changing composition of imports.

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