2014 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge winner

Congratulations to James Gualtieri, winner of the world famous Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge.

Although the final game won’t be played until tonight, we already know the winner of the challenge, since none of the prognosticators in our competition picked either of the teams playing in the championship game. Gualtieri did pick Wisconsin to be in the Final Four, which I knew was a good call as soon as I saw them playing in the tournament. Like many of us, though, he also thought Duke would do better.

If things didn’t go as you wanted, don’t worry. There’s always next year!

4 thoughts on “2014 Econbrowser NCAA tournament challenge winner

  1. James Gualtieri

    Thanks for the shout out. Prize? Perhaps a signed copy of Time Series Analysis?

      1. James Gualtieri

        Awesome! I’ll send an e-mail to your UCSD address to work out the details. Thanks.

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