Some International Finance at ASSA

Full Allied Social Sciences Association program, with links to some papers, here.

I’m presenting here:

January 3

American Committee for Asian Economic Studies/American Economic Association
Money and Exchange Rates in Emerging Asia (F3, E5)
Presiding: MICHAEL G. PLUMMER (Johns Hopkins University)
Do Central Banks Target the Exchange Rates? Recent Experience in Emerging Asia
KUNIHIRO HIRAO (Kyoto University)
AKIHIRO KUBO (Osaka City University)

The Implications of Liquidity Expansion in China for the U.S. Dollar
WENSHENG KANG (Kent State University)
RONALD A. RATTI (University of Western Sydney)
JOAQUIN L. VESPIGNANI (University of Tasmania)

Global Food Prices and Business Cycle Dynamics in an Emerging Market Economy
OLIVER HOLTEMÖLLER (Martin Luther University)
SUSHANTA MALLICK (Queen Mary University of London)

Dynamic Shift to a Basket-Peg or Floating Regime in East Asian Countries in Response to the People’s Republic of China’s Transition to a New Exchange Rate Regime
NAOYUKI YOSHINO (Asian Development Bank Institute)
SAHOKO KAJI (Keio University)
TAMON ASONUMA (International Monetary Fund)

REID CLICK (George Washington University)
MENZIE D. CHINN (University of Wisconsin)
MICHAEL G. PLUMMER (Johns Hopkins University)
CALLA WIEMER (University of the Philippines)

January 4

Society for the Study of Emerging Markets
Can the Chinese Renminbi Rule?: If So, How and When? (G1, F3) (Panel Discussion)
Panel Moderator: ALI KUTAN (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)
MENZIE D. CHINN (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
ESWAR S. PRASAD (Cornell University)
ROBERT MCCAULEY (Bank for International Settlements)
WING THYE WOO (University of California–Davis)

Econometric Society
Exchange Rates and Adjustment (A1)
Presiding: LAURA VELDKAMP (New York University)
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Market Structure in a Multi-Country World
KANDA NAKNOI (University of Connecticut)

Information Globalization, Risk Sharing and International Trade
LAURA VELDKAMP (New York University)
ISAAC BALEY (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
MICHAEL WAUGH (New York University)

Market Structure, External Adjustment and Pricing to Market
RAPHAEL AUER (Swiss National Bank)

Uncovered Interest Parity and Monetary Policy Near and Far from the Zero Lower Bound
YI ZHANG (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
MENZIE CHINN (University of Wisconsin)

And some macro:

January 3

National Association for Business Economics/American Economic Association
The Equilibrium Real Interest Rate—Theory, Measurement, and Use in Monetary Policy (E5) (Panel Discussion)
Panel Moderator: GEORGE KAHN (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
STEPHEN D. WILLIAMSON (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
JAMES D. HAMILTON (University of California-San Diego)
JOHN B. TAYLOR (Stanford University)
JOHN C. WILLIAMS (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

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