“The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on the Global Economy”

That’s the title of the conference being held today and tomorrow at University College London, and cosponsored by School of Slavonic and East European Studies at UCL, the Banque de France, University of Leicester, the Money, Macro and Finance group, and the Centre for Macroeconomics.

The conference has two keynote presentations, the first by Nicholas Bloom (Stanford) on “The impact of uncertainty shocks on real and financial activities”, and the second by Barbara Rossi (University Pompeu Fabra) on “Understanding the sources of macroeconomic uncertainty”.

The entire program is here.

The conference was organized by Wojtek Charemza (Leicester University), Menzie Chinn, Wisconsin University, Laurent Ferrara (Banque de France), Raffaella Giacomini (University College London), Klodiana Istrefi (Banque de France), Svetlana Makarova (University College London) and Xuguang (Simon) Sheng (American University).

2 thoughts on ““The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on the Global Economy”

  1. Alexander Hamilton

    Sounds like a snoozer. I’ll skip this one… For most of the period from mid-2009 to now, the US has actually had pretty steady job and GDP growth. It was just GDP growth that was too low, not that there were tons of large shocks and volatility.

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