33 thoughts on “I Bet (Figuratively) Tonight Is the Night: Rosenstein Edition

  1. pgl

    Let’s start a similar thing asking whether Trump will be President April 1, 2019!

    Step 1: Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House.
    Step 2: House Judiciary committee issues subpoenas
    Step 3: A tsunami of information indicting the Trump mafia floods Washington, DC
    Step 4: Trump flees for St. Petersburg so Putin can protect him

    1. 2slugbaits

      Step 4: Trump flees for St. Petersburg so Putin can protect him

      Since his primary income source from licensing his name has collapsed, he’ll probably have to fly to St. Petersburg in coach. The horror. The horror.

      Actually, I hope the Democrats don’t impeach him. The Senate will never convict, so what’s the point? I’d rather see the Democrats crush Trump and the GOP in the 2020 election. Mike Pence would be a more dangerous and capable candidate in 2020.

      1. Jeffrey J. Brown

        On the other hand, the Republicans may gradually begin to realize that they would be far better off with Pence as President, headed toward 2020.

  2. Moses Herzog

    Menzie is predicting Rosentein is fired tonight!?!?!?!?! Is there something in today’s NYT or WaPo I haven’t heard about?? Does Menzie have a little bird whispering to him on his shoulder?? (hasn’t Menzie hinted he knows some WH insiders, via his posts on Hassett)??

    Most of the time (85%+) I agree with Menzie and think he has perceptive foresight on things. Based on what I know as of this moment, I would take Menzie’s bet (take the other side of the bet, in an attempt to grab some of that https://www.wisconsin.edu/ohrwd/benefits/ret/wrs/ money, hehehe). Offer expires 4am Sunday central time, bwaaaaahahahahahahaah!!!!!

      1. Moses Herzog

        @ Menzie
        “EOP”?? = Executive Office of the Presidency?? It still makes me nauseated to equate the two.

        I do agree Vegas odds or similar such measures are often underrated (outside of the sports arena, where they get their just due) and have value. I also agree (if I’m not assuming too much of your thoughts or trying too hard to fill in the blanks of your thinking) that the attempt to fire Rosenstein would come first (before attempt to fire Mueller).

        I haven’t read all of the NYT/WaPo stories yet, but I read Wednesday’s “45th Pres” section pretty thorough. It has been widely reported Rosenstein will resign if asked to fire Mueller. I believe this is in the cards—80% long-term chance, I would say 20% short-term chance (“short-term” equating to anytime before next Friday late afternoon). If Rosenstein is asked to fire Mueller, in my mind, this request to fire Mueller equates to firing Rosenstein because Rosenstein has made this clear.

        We know Trump is a weasel. How do weasels behave?? Weasels ask others to do their job for them. (Weasel will distance himself as much as possible) So WHO asks Rosenstein to fire Mueller?? (i.e. who does the Weasel ask to ask (yes, ask to ask, ask to make the request) Rosenstein to fire Mueller (knowing they will get the desired response of Rosenstein’s resignation??)

        The rumor is General Kelly is not as popular as he was. Kelly is more expendable now (Bolton has taken the “favored status” now from Kelly??). i.e Kelly would be the lead candidate to ask Rosenstein to resign, but is Kelly dumb enough to ask Rosenstein to fire Mueller?? I think Kelly would be asked, but Kelly refuses to make the request, because Kelly is too smart to do that. So WHO asks Rosenstein to resign?? To me it’s almost a bigger question than if Rosenstein actually gets asked to fire Mueller. I think the question of “WHO asks Rosenstein to fire Mueller??” is a “crap shoot game” question, but my lead candidate would be Bolton. Bolton is a supreme nutjob and has never given much consideration of others’ thoughts of himself.

        1. ilsm

          Rosenstein posh!

          Trump orders useless bombings, safe to US, French and British equipment, stand off bombing of worthless targets operations which proved strategically useless in Vietnam. Most enjoyable is Halley telling the UN “we can bomb countries because we make up the emotional screenplays and the “high reading grade level” weasel word excuses to give countries to terrorists”.

          By the way those videos you posted to support Trump’s militarism….. what happened to those washers exposed to sarin?

          US procedure is for the decontaminators to be in MOP gear. Also water does nothing to clean off sarin. Where are the burns from the chlorine?

          Pictures of the intact barrel bombs or vented rocket bodies would be easy to show as pictures of phony decontaminators.

          Absent physics, chemistry and thermodynamic are boring and do not raise emotions to bomb nothingness!

          1. Moses Herzog

            @ ilsm
            You’ve gotten the response from other readers here that you deserve. NONE. And I’m making the mistake of giving you more attention than you deserve with this comment now. Aside from “rtd”, PeakIgnorance, and Ed Hanson, well wait….. that’s 3, maybe you do have some mild competition as the biggest idiot visiting this blog.

            All jokes aside, let us know how you and the Russian trolls are doing creating memes on Reddit. Aaron Swartz was a gentleman and a scholar, who believed in people’s right to express and educate themselves. So, I’m sure Swartz would take some peculiar pride in knowing some creature even as low as you had the option of using the site he created.

    1. PeakTrader

      “None of my liberal friends invite me to dinner anymore,” Dershowitz said. “Thanks to Donald Trump, I’ve lost seven pounds. I call it the Donald Trump diet.”

      1. Moses herzog

        @ PeakIgnorance
        You have great taste in personal heroes. Alan Dershowitz is the classiest of individuals. HIs sense of ethics and dignity mirrors that of Donald Trump. And it’s natural the two beings would be magnetized towards one another. PeakIgnorance, your dignified personality also fits in as a kindred spirit with these two creatures.


        The well-respected academic Norman Finkelstein (who also took the time to participate in the “Occupy Wall Street” protests) in two videos discussing the personal ethics and “morality” of Alan Dershowitz:


        Also, just for fun, here are some “select excerpts” from Finkelstein and Dershowitz’s debate that was moderated by “Democracy Now”.


        Alan Dershowitz also has a very “fascinating trait”, one he shares closely with Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. A seemingly sadistic thrill in continually and repetitiously threatening people with frivolous lawsuits. Such as his thinly veiled (did he get help from an “RA” in writing his book??) threat related to Finkelstein discussing something that appears to be possible plagiarism.

      2. 2slugbaits

        Thanks to Donald Trump, I’ve lost seven pounds.

        Apparently all seven pounds from above the neck.

      3. CoRev

        Peak, the Obama win unleashed the socialist leaners, and the Trump win unhinged them. What’s next? The revolution they so desperately want will be a total loss for them and the nation.

        1. 2slugbaits

          CoRev I have no idea what your idea of “socialist” is, but if it’s all about privatizing gains and socializing losses, then you and Trump should be planning for that May Day parade. Maybe Trump will ask the military to pull forward the date for that Big, Beautiful Parade.

          1. dilbert dogbert

            MMMMM???? Re: The Comander In Thief’s Big Parade
            There is a wonderful place to hold it!!! His best buddy Putin runs the show and would love to let him use Red Square!!!

        2. pgl

          Unhinged? The person that wrote such a pathetic comment is the one who is unhinged. Obama was not a socialist even if Bernie Sanders is.

          1. Moses Herzog

            @ pgi
            What does it mean to be a “Socialist”?? Is it standing up and being counted on issues that are important when it’s not popular or gets you no personal gain or advantage??

            Ask Hillary what making the extra effort to tell people she’s not socialist means. Or what “education can’t be free” (as it is now in Germany, with a far superior educational system to the USA) actually means. Maybe it means Hillary can hide from interviews and open press conferences for months on end because she’s afraid of “the super-predators”??
            You go ask Hillary, pgi, maybe she’ll tell you she’s afraid Lester Holt was going to steal her smart phone as he put on her mic?? Alison Stewart has a darker tone to her skin, https://goo.gl/images/vhs8rd did Hillary think Stewart was a “super-predator”?? Maybe steal one of Hillary’s pantsuits?? I mean really, what “super-predator” with a superb body could resist snatching a free pantsuit??

            But no worries pgi, Hillary wanted everyone to know, as she was running for President in 2016 that she’s “very very sorry” for what she said in 1996 and after the black questioner was told “this is inappropriate,” and “you’re being rude”, the person who asked Hillary finally got an answer.

            But pgi, HIllary “is not a socialist!!!”, Hillary “Is not a damned socialist!!!”. Morally bankrupt and a pathological LIAR, maybe….. but she’s “not a socialist!!!” Heaven and the Saints of feminism strongly forbid it.

        3. PeakTrader

          CoRev, the Trump win revealed the truth about the mainstream media – a bunch of liberal political hacks that now make NPR look conservative. At least, Dan Rather was clever about it. Now, the facade is gone.

          And, the liberal/socialists seem to want to get rid of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, property rights, etc., along with treating Republicans as deplorables and Republican women as sub-human.

          Liberal/socialists lost their minds:

          “Ben Shapiro gave a speech at California State University, Los Angeles, entitled “When Diversity Becomes a Problem.” Shapiro’s speech focused on how the concepts of microaggressions and safe spaces were being used to suppress free speech in the name of diversity of skin color, while ignoring the value of diversity of thought…The day of the speech, hundreds of student protesters formed human chains to block the doors to the theater where the event was to be held, shoving away anyone who attempted to enter and starting several fights in the crowded lobby. Some students were ultimately able to enter the theater by being sneaked in through back doors, though the protesters soon found out and barricaded those doors as well. Shapiro eventually made it into the theater and began his speech, only for a fire alarm to be pulled by one of the protesters; Shapiro continued speaking regardless, calling the protesters “spoiled brat snowflakes” and “fascists.” After the speech ended, Shapiro had to be escorted out a secret exit by police and his own bodyguards, while those inside the theater were told that they could not leave since the protesters were preventing anyone from leaving.”

          1. 2slugbaits

            PeakTrader No one is suppressing your right to say the most ridiculous things. You post here plenty, so how is that suppressing speech? What you seem to find objectionable is getting called out when you try to peddle nonsense and half-baked crackpot economics. Instead of whining about getting called out all the time, maybe you should devote more of your time to a few math and econ refresher textbooks. There’s a reason the GOP has become the party for stupid people. Even Sen. Cruz admitted that the Republican base is the Homer Simpsons of the world and the Democrats are the Lisa Simpsons of the world. For once I agree with Sen. Cruz.

          2. CoRev

            Peak, agreed. If it weren’t for hypocrisy they’d have no position, OH WAIT…

            What amazes me is their lack of lucidity/incoheerence: “Obama was not a socialist even if Bernie Sanders is.” Remember anyone calling “O” a socialist? I remember the comment aimed at “socialist leaners” clearly a plural reference.

          3. PeakTrader

            2slugbaits, you’re the one saying “the most ridiculous things,” and I won’t take away that right. Don’t blame me. You have the right to continue making a fool out of yourself, and you use that right all the time. You have the right to be and stay ignorant.

        4. randomworker

          What socialist leaners? The only ones I know of are incensed that centrist, neoliberal, plutocratic Obama bailed out wall street and gave us Romneycare 2.0!

          You think there are socialists hiding under the bed? Maybe a couple. Nothing to wet your pants over.

          1. CoRev

            Randomworker, “You think there are socialists hiding under the bed? Maybe a couple. Nothing to wet your pants over.” and they are the party leaders with large followings. But, “Nothing to wet your pants over. “

  3. joseph

    “Alan Dershowitz seems to be the only sane liberal on the Trump fishing expedition.”

    I think Alan Dershowitz long ceased being a liberal when he went crazy after 9/11 (like many others) and started advocating for human torture.

    1. pgl

      Every time I hear someone say “9/11 changed everything” I brace myself for some seriously crazed commentary.

  4. ilsm

    Moses……lacking reply button above.

    ad hominem!

    What Gander said about “they get mad… then you win”.

  5. PeakTrader

    It looks like Comey deserved to get fired:

    “Rosenstein has said in recent private conversations that history will prove he did the right thing by firing Comey in May 2017, claiming that the American people do not have all the facts about what led to his decision to write the memo that led to Comey’s dismissal, the sources said.

    Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning that Rosenstein was perhaps more conflicted than Mueller because he “signed FISA and Comey letter,” referring to the authorization for surveillance of former Trump campaign operative Carter Page as well as the memo that fired James Comey.

    Alan Dershowitz, a criminal defense lawyer who has publically defended Donald Trump against the Mueller probe, said Rosenstein should be recused from overseeing the Russia investigation because he is a witness to issues under investigation, such as the firing of Comey.“

    1. PeakTrader

      FBI Deputy Director was also fired:

      “The origin of MCabe’s dramatic fall stems from an internal review conducted by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.”

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