9 thoughts on “US Treasury Yield Curve Website, Today…

    1. pgl

      “Effective Tuesday, October 16, 2018, with the inaugural auction of the new benchmark 8-week Treasury bill, Treasury plans to include 8-week bill rates in its input data set for the daily Treasury yield curve.”

      Oh gee – another Treasury bill to track! By the 5th day (October 20), this rate reached 2.25%. The highest rate for this note in all of history (as in one week)!

    2. Moses Herzog

      @ 2slugbaits
      We know Mnuchin’s wife needn’t necessarily tag along for shopping. All well-trained [dolts] have learned to fetch.

  1. Baffling

    I tried to see the feds yield curve last week-same response. Can capture the data, but no graphics.

  2. King John's return

    It was down all of last week for me as well. It looks like someone at treasury is trying to kill this very useful page.

    1. pgl

      Maybe they put Newt Gingrinch in charge. He has been trying to shut down useful government information ever since 1995.

  3. Steven Kopits

    Customs and Border Patrol data for drug seizures, apprehensions and inadmissibles is running about ten days late.

  4. Beeker25

    I used to see it on the webpage and it was mysteriously taken off. I guess Mnuchin’s doesn’t anyone to know to prevent coming recession when it actually inverts. I have seen it on Squawk Box.

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