3 thoughts on “Wisconsin and Her Neighbors

  1. pgl

    Of course Bruce would call this unfair as his metric is the last year’s annual change. He cannot consider anything shorter than that (as in the growth in the last few months) or anything longer than that as in going back to 2011. In fact, it is not fair to Bruce to draw graphs that show the entire time series. After all Bruce learned from the Stephen Moore school of deception and presenting a fuller picture is just too much honesty for his taste.

    1. Bruce Hall

      et al,

      Just go back to the dropbox link I provided. Starting points are important. And pal, the graphs are from the BLS time series beginning January 2017.

      The point, which seems to be conveniently overlooked, is that Wisconsin is perfectly representative of the Midwest during that period. I was making that point because Wisconsin was being compared with total U.S. changes (see Menzie’s original post). Apple to apples rather than apples to oranges.

      I’m traveling so this is my only comment.

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