Will Dave Brat Do More Damage in Academia than in Congress?

Brat to Liberty University

to be dean of the business school.

I’ve been curious about what Brat’s writings were ever since I heard him speak (after all, at the time he was the only Ph.D economist in Congress, as far as I know). Here are his works (with Google Scholar citation counts; SSCI counts are usually less):

“A global Kuznets curve?”
WG Park and, DA Brat – Kyklos, 1995 – Cited by 58

“Cross-country R&D and growth: Variations on a theme of Mankiw-Romer-Weil,” WG Park, DA Brat – Eastern Economic Journal, 1996 Cited by 11

“Explaining College Freshman Retention Rates across the US with Applications to Schools in Virginia,” CB Pfitzner, D Brat, S Lang – Virginia Social Science Journal, 2011 Cited by 5

“Inputs and Outputs in Virginia Public Education,” D Brat, S Lang, B Pfitzner – Virginia Economic Journal, 1998 Cited by 2

“Explaining SOL Variation Across Virginia School Districts: A Preliminary Analysis,”
D Brat, CB Pfitzner – The Teacher Educators Journal, 2001 Cited by 2

“God and Advanced Mammon—Can Theological Types Handle Usury and Capitalism?” D Brat – Interpretation, 2011
Cited by 2

Upon winning in 2014, Brat touted his academic resume, and on policy issues mentioned the TARP legislation as an abandonment of Republican principles, and opposed immigration reforms as amnesty. If you want to read in plain english Brat’s political economy worldview, go to this 2017 interview. Here’s Tyler Cowen’s take from four years ago.

Given that Brat supported the “s***hole” countries ban, opposed TARP, supported repeal of ACA, supports Trump’s trade war against China, my guess is he’ll do less damage out of Congress. Especially if he is no longer “writing” papers.

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  1. joseph

    Note that Robert Barro defended Brat’s plagiarism is not really all too bad plagiarism.

    So which is the worst sin — a nobody economist who plagiarizes or a Nobel laureate who stoops to defend the plagiarizer for political purposes.

    1. ottnott

      Will Dave Brat Do More Damage in Academia than in Congress?

      The answer may have to wait until he leaves Liberty University and takes a position at an academic institution.

      OT: Is it true that you can summon a demon by typing Rick Stryker three times?

  2. Barkley Rosser

    His PhD is from American University, whose econ dept has long been moderately leftist heterodox. His most cited paper in Kyklos is frm that period and coauthored with his major professor, Park. He reportedly always had a religious focus, but that shifted from a concern for global equality to more garden variety right wing concerns. As it was, he was at Randolph-Macon for a long time prioe to going to Congress, and his stay there did not have much impact on anything. So, I doubt that even as dean at LU, he will go back to having not much impact on anything.

  3. Moses Herzog

    I’ve pretty much banned myself from posting/commenting here, but I’m going to break my own personal code on this, as I just couldn’t resist posting this link up and making a point. It’s fascinating to me (as someone who has seen members of my own family do “Christian” things with the sole intention of bringing attention to themselves) the acts that supposed “Christians” will commit, which seemingly are the antithesis of Christianity (this would also include the Evangelicals who very happily voted for donald trump):

    Apparently, someone who overseas a dept as a large portion of those inside the dept try to cover up multiple r*pes and gangr*pe on or very near to a University campus (Waco) are to be highly sought after at the very “Christian” Liberty University. And indeed, seen as “the very best candidate” for the job. I guess if female students at Liberty get r*ped, Jerry Falwell Jr. can claim no accountability to stop those r*pes with just as much credibility as the vatican in Rome claims he just had “no control” and “no ability” to stop child abuse as the Pope played the musical chairs version of parish transfers with pedophile priests.

  4. Manfred

    “Given that Brat supported the “s***hole” countries ban, opposed TARP, supported repeal of ACA, supports Trump’s trade war against China, my guess is he’ll do less damage out of Congress. Especially if he is no longer “writing” papers.”

    It is new to me that there was a “s***hole” countries ban”; there was (maybe still is, not sure) a ban from countries that were deemed supporters of terrorism. But I know, let’s not nitpick. As for TARP, many reasonable people opposed it. But again, let’s not nitpick, because Menzie always has the right answer. As for the ACA, no worries Menzie, it was declared unconstitutional. I know, I know, it may be overturned, but still, legalities matter – maybe not for you Menzie, who admires China so much, were legalities are just footnotes. And the trade war with China – it’s complicated; I agree partially with Menzie, but China is not an innocent bystander, either. But again, let’s not nitpick.
    It is easy to disparage against a fellow PhD; especially by one who did not have a very stellar academic career either. It is not clear that you, Menzie, will go down in the history of the economics as a one of the standard bearers of the profession.
    Just sayin’.

    1. Menzie Chinn Post author

      Manfred: I don’t think anybody who knows me thinks of me as an “admirer” of the People’s Republic of China. The fact that you wrote that speaks volumes.

      Where do you get your information. Aren’t you the same person who wrote:

      the current culture in Economics and Public Policy schools and in several elite Economics Departments is that stuff is free, opportunity costs are optional, and manna just fall from heaven. I really fret about the current crop of Economics students coming out of such departments.

      Why, yes, it is.

    2. macroduck

      “As for TARP, many reasonable people opposed it. ”

      In rhetoric, this is known as “begging the question.” Before making the assertion that reasonable people can hold a certain view, it must be established that the view is, in fact, reasonable. If not, then the people who hold that view are, at least in the circumstance in question, not reasonable.

      Supporting an idea by arguing that reasonable people support the idea is nothing more than saying “I support the idea.”

    3. baffling

      “As for TARP, many reasonable people opposed it.”
      and those people were wrong. would you not agree manfred? one big issue is none of those people would admit to their error. and this results in those folks repeating history-with somebody else suffering once again. manfred, did you oppose tarp?

  5. baffling

    liberty university, of the “poor people do not create jobs” position on economics and jesus’ teachings? there really should be some qualifications on what can be called a university or college. liberty does not qualify on any list.

  6. pgl

    Oh dear – Trump is babbling more BS in defense of his stupid wall. But never mind that as it is truly batshit insane.

    He led with the job market noting over and over that wages rose by 3.2%. Yea – I was screaming at this lying moron something about inflation-adjusted (real) wages. But then he addressed that! He said inflation is zero. Seriously? Who told this moron the inflation rate is zero? Try 2.2% DONALD.

    Yes – Trump lies a lot. But then he is also the dumbest person EVER! And geesh – he is STILL babbling.

    1. Alan Goldhammer

      If inflation is ZERO why did I get a letter from the Social Security Administration saying my payments will go up this year because of the INFLATION ADJUSTMENT. Even Trump is getting social security these days and he out to take a look at his statement. This is all too funny and we are truly living in a Pynchonian universe with Tyrone Slothrop as the chief exec.

      1. pgl

        The Soc. Sec. Administration increased your nominal benefits? That’s great. But don’t let the conservatives know as they are itching to slash Social Security benefits.

        Back in 1985 Bob Dole claimed he had some magic plan to reduce spending and make those living on Social Security better off at the same time – let nominal benefits grow by 2% per year. Of course with inflation near 5%, a few sharp Democrats noted this would be over time real cuts so the Dole deal was shot down.

        1. Alan Goldhammer

          My wife and I make too much money in retirement from investments and pensions so our Soc Sec benefits are full taxed. A lot of folks don’t realize how little you need to be making to fall into the tax category. 85% of our benefits are taxed so I guess you can say that Social Security (and also Medicare) are means tested!!!!!

  7. pgl

    Some reporting asked our Liar in Chief about Apple. Trump told the reporter that Apple’s stock has gone up 100% since he became President. Let’s check:


    Looks like it has gone up but by only 10%. I’m still waiting for the CLOWN to be honest about a single thing. I do believe he is incapable of doing so.

  8. joseph

    “Even Trump is getting social security these days.”

    Assumes facts not in evidence. We have never seen Trump’s tax returns. We have no idea if he ever paid enough in FICA taxes to qualify for Social Security benefits. We do know he has been quite creative in evading taxes.

  9. baffling

    this just in from the commander in chief. apparently, steel is stronger than concrete. so we will now build big beautiful steel walls rather than the concrete monstrosities the democrats proposed. those democrats must be real dumb, because nobody in the construction business would build those walls out of concrete. you cannot see through them-they are too thick. we have nice steel walls that are really thin-because steel is strong-so we can see through them. much better. more powerful walls! and mexico will pay for them. we just need the us taxpayer to cover the bill today, until we collect from mexico tomorrow.

  10. Moses Herzog

    I was afraid maybe Menzie had already shutdown/closed this comment thread. Does anyone else think it’s super wild that Liberty U’s name would come up again in something donald trump related that has a hugely disgusting smell to it??

    So let’s break this down:
    1) You have the Liberty “University” AD hired AFTER he and Ken Starr were connected to the multiple rapes scandal (including gang-rape) and cover-up on or near Baylor U’s Waco campus.
    2) Brat’s hiring as Dean of Liberty “university” Business Dept. (Spelled out very superbly in Menzie’s post above)
    3) The CIO at Liberty “university”, John Gauger, is hired to rig/”fix” Election polls in donald trump’s favor after getting more than one bag of cash.

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