Update: Mr. Stephen Moore’s Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Below are the peer-reviewed journal articles authored or co-authored by Stephen Moore, CNN “economic expert”:


This list might be incomplete.

His non-peer reviewed articles/books include the annually published Rich States, Poor States, and the associated Laffer-Moore-Williams economic outlook ranking. My assessment of the empirical relevance of their index is in this post.

27 thoughts on “Update: Mr. Stephen Moore’s Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

    1. Abe

      And let us not forget his academic and professional background

      PhD in economics from which School?
      Answer: MA from George Mason is close enough.
      Years worked in Banking, Government Institutions, Private enterprise?
      Answer: ZERO
      Years worked in Politically and ideologically oriented organizations
      Answer: His whole life.

    2. Steven Kopits

      My position is clear. You want to debate it? I’d be thrilled to.

      President Trump has promised to seal the US southwest border by building a wall. To date, Congress has proved unwilling to authorize funds, prompting the President to declare a national emergency, with all the risks and stresses this entails.

      There is a better way to tackle the issue. The US southwest border can be secured without a wall, with visible decreases in border apprehensions by summer 2020—well before the US election. Such an outcome can be achieved using Market-based Visas (MBVs), which would allow background-checked migrants from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries to purchase a work visa at a market-rate and enter and work in the US on demand. In addition to closing the US southwest border, MBVs would provide a wide-range of benefits to all major stakeholders and represent a vast improvement over both current policy and any likely alternative which could be passed in Congress.


      1. pgl

        No one is biting your pathetic little ploy here. It is amazing how you treat fleeing from violence as the same thing as seeking nothing more than a job opportunity. Dumbest person on the internet.

      2. PeakTrader

        I think, Steven Kopits should change the front door of his house to a revolving door.

        Better yet, get rid of his walls.

        And, hope everyone, who comes in his house has been invited.

        Maybe, he likes rapists, drug dealers, murderers, etc..

      3. Moses Herzog

        @ “Princeton”Kopits
        You and donald trump are truly great Americans and great American patriots. I hope you can keep all these “rapists”, “murderers” and “MS-13 ladies” out of MAGA country:

        God only knows what this MS-13 criminal, Selene Saavedra Roman, would have done next!?!?!?!?! ICE agents’ spokesperson said “We’ve found through trial and error that adult women are much harder to r*pe and molest than the children we already have inventoried at our ICE black site locations. ICE agents spoke up and said they were tired of the extra effort involved with that. Plus, we’re doing research from Nazi history on how to properly tattoo the immigrants, and most of our ICE agents only read at a 3rd grade level, so it’s really pressing our man hours and resources figuring out how to do the tattoos in proper Nazi fashion”.

        ICE agents’ spokesperson went on to say “When we found out Selene Saavedra Roman had her 4-year University degree and was happily married, naturally we assumed her next plan was to knife one of our more productive MAGA citizens, like say, Donald Trump Jr.”

        Let’s all hope and pray to the southern evangelical version of “Jesus” that donald trump and “Princeton”Kopits can keep this scourge away from MAGA country. Frightening……..

  1. joseph

    With the event that the yield curve has inverted and possible recession ahead, we receive the wonderful news that, just in time, the Dunce in Chief has nominated Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board. This should go well.

    In other news, the net IQ of the Federal Reserve has also inverted.

  2. Barkley Rosser

    Congratulations, Menzie, for being on his case repeatedly. I thought that maybe you were overdoing it, but I see that you had successfully intuited the so-called mind of our president enough to realize that he was destined for an important appointment, one for which he is utterly unworthy.

  3. pgl

    Trump’s tweet called Moore “a very respected Economist”. Yes our President is a village idiot!

    1. pgl

      That Krugman ditches Moore but check out what conservative Bruce Bartlett said.

      “Bruce Bartlett, who served as a domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan and in the Treasury Department under President George H. W. Bush, took a similar tone, claiming Moore knows “absolutely nothing” about the board that he’s been nominated to nor “monetary policy.”

      Bruce is right – Moore knows NOTHING about monetary policy!

    1. pgl

      “Darren Samuelsohn is a senior policy reporter for Politico.”

      As I read this love fest to Stephen Moore, I had to think Darren Samuelsohn should never be thought of as related to Paul Samuelson. More like Robert Samuelson. Anyone who would suggest even remotely that Moore was qualified to be an economic adviser should be fired immediately by Politico.

      1. Moses Herzog

        @ pgl
        Sometimes I think it’s better to just let your comments lay there and speak for themselves, as intelligent people can defragment them, so it doesn’t matter anyway. But seems unfortunately I can’t control myself not to comment. Politico right now, is probably in the top 3 of those who are uncovering what is going on with Trump and all things federal government right now. The other 2 would be Washington Post and New York Times. Then there’s ProPublica, “Reveal” and a handful of others that are actually doing the uncovering of stories and not just transcribing what they get from other media outlets. Now, if you read a lot (and I think you do) you should have noticed something over the last 5 or so years—-NYT and WaPo “scalp” or “poach” many of their journalists from Politico. What does that mean?? It means if you wanna get a job at NYT or WaPo, the best stepping stone or launching pad for those jobs is Politico.

        If you want journalism that has no respect for its readership to be able to ferret out on their own that Moore is panhandling for jobs and “journalism” that makes personal comments about the very people it is interviewing, Darren Samuelsohn is not that guy, nor are most Politico journalists. Maybe you can find those on TPM, “Young Turks”, Huffington Post, or maybe a daytime morning talk show. They’re more than happy to dumb down the dialogue for people that need the dots connected for them.

  4. 2slugbaits

    So we started off the day with Trump inexplicably reversing sanctions against NK just a day after the Treasury announced those sanctions. Then a few hours later we get this braindead selection of Stephen Moore for a job with the Fed. Kellyanne’s husband is right. This guy is cray-cray nutso.

  5. pgl

    Faux News wins the prize for the dumbest coverage of this:

    ‘Trump to nominate economic analyst Stephen Moore for Fed board as conservative watchdog over economy’

    This is just the headline. It goes downhill from here. Leave it to FreedomWorks to make the dumbest comment in this incredibly dumb story:

    “FreedomWorks is proud to see President Trump offer such a prestigious position to one of our own,” said Adam Brandon, president of that conservative advocacy group. “I have no doubt that Stephen Moore would make an excellent member of the Federal Reserve Board.”

  6. pgl

    Back in 2011, the brilliant Peter Diamond was nominated to be on the FED by Obama but had to withdraw as many Republican Senators objected. Why did they object?


    “It is time for me to withdraw, as I plan to inform the White House,” Diamond, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote in an opinion piece published in the New York Times titled “When a Nobel Prize isn’t enough.” The top Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, Richard Shelby, has criticized Diamond, saying he lacks monetary policy experience.

    SERIOUSLY? Diamond’s expertise on labor markets would have been a great benefit to the FED. Maybe this is the real reason:

    “Diamond’s nomination fell victim to Republican score settling — under Democratic control, the Senate in 2008 blocked a nominee of Republican President George W. Bush. Another factor was a newly invigorated opposition to government and monetary intervention to stimulate economic growth during recessions.”

    The opposition to much needed policies to simulate aggregate demand came from Republicans like Shelby and of course our village idiot Stephen Moore. Moore’s “monetary policy experience” is zero.

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