9 thoughts on “What can I do to help Ukraine?

  1. rsm

    Wouldn’t supporting a universal, generous, inflation-proofed, dollar-denominated basic income funded by central-bank-coordinated money printing help Ukrainians much more than donating a few bucks to a school devoted to dismal things?

  2. rsm

    《The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), together with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies, have launched a humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine. The aim is to provide food supplies, transportation, refugees help for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war and purchase necessary medicines, first aid and protective kits for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces to shield them against Russian aggression.》

    If only they’d supported UGIDBI before, would there even be a war now?

  3. Bruce Hall

    How about writing to your congressional representative and senator and strongly suggest that they support and present to the Biden Administration the idea of keeping all sanctions against Russia until Russia withdraws from Ukraine and then pays the cost of rebuilding plus a significant cash payment to the families of those who were killed in their invasion? Seems fair.

    1. pgl

      I guess you are too cheap or broke to send any real resources – just another chance to mock the plight of the people of Ukraine to stroke your sick MAGA agenda. m

      1. Bruce Hall

        Seems to me that Europe and the US are sending a lot of aid right now. Maybe not the kind of aid that is needed to get rid of the Russians, but not nothing. I’m sure you avoided paying your federal taxes, but my check to the US Treasury just cleared, so … not nothing. But go ahead and do what you think is going to save Ukraine and the Ukrainians and send your $10.

        The longer term issues are getting rid of the Russians and rebuilding Ukraine which should fall on the Russians. Or don’t you believe they are responsible for that? You seemed to believe that sanctions are appropriate and effective enough, so why are you against this concept? Or is it just because I suggested it and you feel compelled to be contrary? Probably a little of each, eh?


    2. Bruce Hall

      Sent to the POTUS:

      While I am somewhat disappointed in your reluctance to send jet fighters and advanced missile defenses to Ukraine for fear of upsetting the Russians, the other actions with regards to infantry weapons and economic sanctions are helpful.

      What seems to be missing is a concerted and coordinated effort to provide food, medicines, and other personal necessities to the Ukrainian people who have remained in Ukraine. Perhaps this effort is underway, but simply not being mentioned in the news. If not, this is a serious humanitarian oversight.

      You indicated that 100,000 Ukrainian refugees would be allowed into the US. Has there been any action taken in that regard? These are true refugees, not economic refugees.

      I suggest that you make it clear to the world that it is the position of the US that economic sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine will remain in effect until the Russian military withdraws from Ukraine, Russia pays for the damages inflicted to Ukraine, and pays reparations to the families for those killed or injured as a result of the invasion.


  4. Barkley Rosser

    Oh dear. rsm is one of the worst commentators on this site. I am ashamed that I have responded i0 comments here by him.

    I personally have spoken at that school. I completely and fully support anybody and everybody providing them with support at this time.

    1. pgl

      Thanks for that as I was too disgusted at rsm’s cheap ploy to even bother how inappropriate it was. But then I took your lead and called out the partisan cheap shots from Bruce Hall.

      1. Bruce Hall

        Hey, Lucy, here is an organization that is actually organized and providing organized relief.

        Oh, wait, I brought that to you attention so now you are compelled to write something snide in reply.

        Meanwhile, the UN calls for a “ceasefire”.

        Maybe some of the $billions that the US contributes to the UN could go for food, clothing, shelter, medicines, etc. instead of virtue signaling about a “ceasefire”. but not really doing anything to help.

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