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  1. pgl

    ‘Stop Bringing Up Nazis and Hitler’: Moskowitz Goes Off On Marjorie Taylor Greene In Tense Hearing


    Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) went off on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) during a Wednesday hearing after the Republican congresswoman repeated her regular claim that Nazis are running around modern-day Ukraine. Greene spoke of the controversial Azov battalion and hit back at a witness before the committee calling accusations of neo-Nazism in Ukraine a “disinformation trope” sourced out of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. “Do you see this headline? This is NBC News,” said Greene at one point, holding up a prop showing the headline. “They say that Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real. Even if Putin’s denazification claim is not, so even our own American media, unless you consider NBC or Time magazine misinformation spreaders or disinformation media outlets. This is contrary to what you testified. And there’s frequent pictures all over. Anybody can find them, of Nazis. Here they are. This looks like something you’d see out of Hitler’s Germany – from Ukraine,” Greene argued, holding up a photo.

    Moskowitz hit back when he spoke after Greene, saying, “Now I want to address something else that went on in this committee. By another member and I say this as someone whose grandparents, escaped the Holocaust.” “So my grandmother was part of the Kindertransport out of Germany. Her parents were killed in Auschwitz. My grandfather, her husband escaped Poland from the pogroms. You know, the idea that we pretend that behavior is acceptable and regular. There are no concentration camps in Ukraine. They’re not taking babies and shooting them in the air because they’re Jewish. There’s no gas chambers. There’s no ovens. They’re not railing people in. They’re not ripping gold out of people’s mouth. They’re not taking stuff out of their home. They’re not trying to erase a people, the Ukrainians,” fumed Moskowitz, concluding:

    Stop bringing up Nazis and Hitler. The only people who know about Nazis and Hitler are the 10 million people and their families who lost their loved ones. Generations of people who were wiped out. It is enough of this disgusting behavior using Nazis as propaganda. You want to talk about Nazis? Get yourself over to the Holocaust Museum, you go see what Nazis did. It’s despicable that we use that and we allow it, and we sit here like somehow it’s regular.

    Greene, who has in the past called the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “war against Russia in Ukraine,” was referring to U.S. media outlets covering a militia in the eastern part of Ukraine that does indeed have roots in Nazism. The militia, which has been fighting Russian separatists in the region since 2014, is controversial also inside Ukraine and is not indicative of the Ukrainian military in general.

    1. Moses Herzog

      I keep wondering, if America ends up having to send Navy men and USAF Airmen out to Europe to protect the farther west parts of Europe, how are Republicans going to explain to dead Americans’ parents they had their thumb up their ass for months on funding Ukraine’s military??

      Britt ??
      Bueller??…….. Bueller??………Bueller??……..
      Cruz ??

  2. Macroduck

    Only sort of off topic, ’cause Moskow Marjorie:

    Larry Summers has proven himself weak on policy advice at least twice – shouting down Christina Romer’s recommendation of a $1 trillion fiscal response to the Great Recession and calling for recession-inducing monetary policy in response to Covid-caused inflation. Still, Summers has his uses. He shares with a good many public intellectuals the ability to offer a clear perspective on facts which we all know. Along with N.K. Singh, Summers has recently done just that at Project Syndicate:


    How can a world which allows an outflow of capital from the least developed economies, a world which cannot deal with starvation in Chad, Haiti, Sudan and Gaza, hope to deal with the vastly more diffi ult problems of climate change? Why should citizens trust governments to keep new climate pledges when they’ve failed to keep old climate pledges?

    What Summers and Singh don’t say, but is implicit in their text, is that it’s the job of government to recognize society’s needs and organizing resources to deal with them. What use is government if it can’t do that?

    If current governments can’t supply food to the hungry and capital to the under-capitalized, what chance do current governments have of managing the transition from a fossil-fuel-based economy to a renewable-resource-based economy? Brexit, guns, book banning, sexual politics, religious bigotry, immigration – they are all that many of our politicians traffic in. These are distractions from the big problems facing humanity.

    Summers and Singh offer up technocratic solutions – big technocratic solutions – to attendees of the Spring IMF and World Bank meetings. That is the right sort of proposal for this audience. Their solutions are, however, only for famine and investment – problems more easily solved than the transition away from fossil fuels.

    When it comes to climate change, technocrats know what to do, but they need to get past Moskow Marjorie, Matt “Jailbait” Gaetz and Lovable Ol’ Mitch McConnell. Heaven help us.

  3. pgl

    Trump Media .v. the Short Sellers!


    “To prevent shares from being loaned for a short interest position, contact your brokerage to place restrictions on the lending of your shares to short sellers,” the company said in its filing. Trump Media provided a sample letter for investors to send to their brokers and advised “opting out of any securities lending programs.” The company also advised investors to hold their DJT shares in a cash account at a brokerage firm instead of a margin account and to transfer shares to a bank in order to hold them in a retirement account.

    Just wow – such utter disdain for the people who have shares in this Ponzi scheme.

    1. Macroduck

      Short sellers sell and then buy back. In the near term, preventing short sales relieves downward price pressure. At some point, preventing short sales prevents a source of upward price pressure.

      Aren’t share holders compensated for lending shares? Doesn’t this mean share holders are being asked to forgo income – a private cost – in an effort to shore up prices for all holders of DJT? Isn’t there a free-rider problem? Isn’t DJT the largest holder of DJT?

      1. baffling

        most of the maga rubes who own djt are not sophisticated enough to take these types of steps. they are lucky enough to have opened a brokerage account and made a transaction. I bet they cannot take those next steps forward. but as you said, if they do, it will most certainly limit their ability to transact and push the price upwards as well.

  4. Moses Herzog

    The last line of Moskowits amendment proves a person can say something sad, comedic, patently true, and brilliant all in one single phrase.

  5. pgl

    Moskowitz trolls Greene with foreign aid amendments


    ep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) trolled Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) with a pair of amendments that highlight the Georgia Republican’s frequent embrace of pro-Russia misinformation and her opposition to foreign aid. The first amendment calls for Greene to be appointed “Vladimir Putin’s Special Envoy to the United States Congress.” The amendment says Greene has “repeatedly attempted to block aid to Ukraine, empowering Vladimir Putin’s unlawful violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and that she “has reposted information from the Strategic Culture Foundation, a Russian based disinformation and propaganda channel that has been sanctioned by [the Office of Foreign Assets Control].” The second amendment renames Greene’s office in the Cannon House Office Building as the “Neville Chamberlain Room” — a reference to the World War II-era British prime minister who pursued a failed policy of appeasement toward Nazi Germany in the hope of avoiding a larger war. In an interview on “CNN News Central” on Thursday, Moskowitz announced the first amendment naming Greene as Putin’s envoy and said, “That way … we can just make it official, quite frankly.” Greene also submitted a series of amendments to the Ukraine supplemental bill, including one that says any member who votes for the bill “shall be required to conscript in the Ukrainian military.”

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