“Trump Guilty on All Counts”

From NYT and PredictIt.

Source: NYT, accessed 5/30/2024, 5pm CT.

Source: PredictIt, accessed 5/30/2024, 5:36pm CT.

Source: PredictIt, accessed 5/30/2024, 6:18pm CT.

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  1. pgl

    Alvin Bragg is the man. In other news:


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    Both the Qin L and the Seal 06 are based on the same 1.5L inline-4 turbo platform with either a 10-kWh or a 15.8-kWh battery pack. With the little liter-an-a-half punching out a mere 99 hp (74 kW) and 93 lb-ft (126 nm) of torque paired with the 161-hp (125-kW) electric motor, you’re not going to set any P100D Plaid times at the drag strip, but you should be able to get where you’re going in style and with a thicker wallet when you arrive.

    1. Ivan

      In 2011 GM came out with something similar but better called the Volt. But off course the idiot bean counters running that company gave up making the Volt in 2019 – so now foreign companies like Toyota are eating their lunch. This is what happens when the focus on next quarter profits push companies to ignore the product people and marketing people and hand all power to bean counters.

  2. Macroduck

    Roughly a year ago, as I recall, undecided voters were asked whether they would vote for Trump if he were found guilty of a crime. A large share of those undecided voters said they would not. That appears to be what punters at PredictIt believe is still the case. It is possible to read a good bit of what Republican operatives have been saying during Trump’s legal battles as an effort to change those undecided voters’ minds. I’m sure we’ll be treated to polls and surveys on that point very soon.

    Meanwhile, innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Now, Trump has been found guilty of 34 felonies. He was also found to have committed rape:


    Trump has been found guilty of tax fraud .

    Trump has also been indicted for election fraud, obstruction of Justice and mishandling classified documents.

    The the Trump Orgaization, its finance director and other officers have been convicted of tax fraud. Three of Trump’s attorneys have pleaded guilty to racketeering in cases in which Trump is also accused. Trump’s personal counsel and VP of the Trump Organization pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. The chairman of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign is a convicted felon. Trump’s sister retired from a judgeship to avoid an Investigation into tax fraud in the Trump family inheritance. Another Trump personal counsel, Rudolph Giuliani, has been indicted in both Georgia and Arizona on election-tampering charges.

    Now, before we get carried away, Trump himself has only been found guilty of 34 felonies, plus a rape, and hundreds of millions in tax fraud. Those and only those. In every other case, he’s innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Unless I missed something. Only 34 felonies, a rape and hundreds of millions in tax fraud, so let’s not make any hasty judgements.

    1. Moses Herzog

      I have always felt that trump himself is not really/truly the danger here. We always have donald trumps with us, they are always “there” in some form or function. What has always been the severe danger, is America’s reaction to donald trump, the same as Germany’s early reaction to Adolf Hitler. This is why the orange creature is an extreme danger. The current societal reaction, which labels him some kind of hero. America will rue the day if they elect the orange abomination a 2nd time. But by the time it realizes it has made a masochistic blunder, it will be too late.

    2. Ivan

      One thing we have to remember from that summary of why WE cannot imagine that anybody would vote for such a person, is that about half the population in spite of all these other things, think he would be a better President than Biden. If they could forgive Trump for all those other things, why wouldn’t they forgive him for the felony convictions. I know what the undecided voters said a year ago and I hope that at least some of them will find the conviction to be that last straw – but I don’t expect any kind of landslide effect.

  3. Not Trampis

    Do I hear the chant lock him up lock him up.
    Courts have now found him guilty of fraud, sexual assault and now this.

    now down under such a candidate would not even be a candidate but you yanks are something else!

  4. pgl

    I’m listening to Trump’s little speech. So much racism, such incoherent rambling, and nonstop lying. It is as Bruce Hall wrote his speech.

  5. baffling

    one has to wonder if somebody like Rick Stryker, who has unabashedly defended trump despite the lies (remember the inauguration crowd defense), pandemic response (remember that wonderful r0 analysis he conducted), sexual assaults, and now felony convictions. one has to wonder, is there a red line that trump can cross that would keep Ricky from continuing to defend the orange abomination? or will we get another contorted and distorted defense of the don from rick? it must suck when you align yourself with a creep and convicted criminal.

    1. 2slugbaits

      baffling There was a time in late 2015 when Rick Stryker was vehemently against Trump. But once Trump locked up the nomination Rick Stryker quickly fell in line and rationalized away all of his earlier concerns about Trump’s character and policies. Sad to say, he succumbed to Trump’s cult of personality and the promise of tax cuts for the wealthy. Sold his soul at a bargain basement price.

    2. Rick Stryker


      Actually, I’m just thankful. I’m thankful to Menzie for identifying the buying opportunity above. I got in immediately and have already made money as Trump pulled over Biden. I expect that to continue.

      I’m also grateful to the NYC partisans in the DA’s office, the Biden DOJ official they parachuted in, and the 12 gullible jurors for re-electing Donald Trump. In one fell swoop, they solved Trump’s essential problems. They unified the Republican Party around Trump, bringing in Haley supporters and never-Trumpers.

      More importantly, they made Trump a symphathetic figure to people in the center.

      I expected the guilty verdict given the amazing bias of the judge and the venue. When the verdict came down, I like many others immediately made a big donation to the Trump campaign. Now, I’m motivated to work for the Trump campaign and I may talk to them about joining the Administration in some capacity.

      Thank you progressives!! I was worried that Trump might not be able to pull it off but I feel much better now. Here’s hoping that that the WH orders the judge to give Trump some jail time, so that we have that extra margin of electoral safety.

      1. Moses Herzog

        Whether any of what you said above is in actuality true is anyone’s guess. If you in fact made money on these type of wagers, I think the time to tell us would have been before the verdict, not after. And similar to one of our other commenters who is overrun with delusions of grandeur, Mr Kopits, whether you have (the low bar) credentials to enter donald trump’s WH staff. is also anyone’s guess. You do contain donald trump’s number 1 attribute for invitation to his inner circle though. You embrace and contain AMORALITY to a very high degree. That might get your foot in the door.

      2. 2slugbaits

        Sounds like you’ve been drinking some of Rudy Giuliani’s coffee.

        Now, I’m motivated to work for the Trump campaign and I may talk to them about joining the Administration

        I don’t recommend it. Things don’t always end well for those cult followers who get too close to Dear Leader.

      3. Macroduck

        Good to see Rickie thinking for himself. Such innovation and originality. Like Melania’s 2016 Convention speech.

        1. pgl

          GOP Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire was on CNN this morning. The good news is he did not bring the talking points like all the MAGA Republicans who recite verbatim. Now when he was asked about the 2020 election he admitted Biden won but then he said we had a “peaceful transfer of power”. Huh – those rioters on 1/6/2021 never really existed?

      4. Macroduck

        Rickies’ little story about the conviction for 34 felonies being good for Trump is simply part of GOP propaganda, readied in advance because it was so clear Trump was so clearly guilty. The little we know so far is that about half the country approves of the outcome, while only 30% disapproves:


        Rickie’s spin effort is dishonest bunk. Rickie is either part of the Republican propaganda machine, or a useful idiot. We can’t tell from reading comme ts. My guess, based on his chuckled-headed “annoy the libs” rhetorical style, is that he’s a dupe. He’s repeating mass-distributed shouting points for the emotional lift it gives him; he’s not sophisticated enough to be a pro. But that’s just a guess.

        Anyhow, it’s the 19% who are undecided who matter. A fraction of that 19% could decide the election.

        One more tidbit – 15% of Republicans surveyed agree Trump is guilty. That’s roughly the share of Republican votes which haven’t gone to Trump in primaries since Haley quit the race.

        1. pgl

          “Rickie is either part of the Republican propaganda machine, or a useful idiot.”

          Needs a wee edit:

          Rickie is either part of the Republican propaganda machine AND a useful idiot.

        2. Ivan

          It was the immediate (before any pooling could be done) talking point on Faux news and right wing websites – so it clearly was pre-arranged. It’s basically a defensive move trying to counter the obvious potential for losing votes from people who don’t want to vote for a felon. These talking points carries no logic (in addition to having no connection to reality). The people who had concerns about Trumps character or competence will not rally around him because he now was found to also be a felon. There may be some energizing of his base (as seen by a few days of elevated fundraising). However, it remains to be seen how long that lasts. The people who are outraged by this verdict are the dedicated cult members who would have voted for him anyway. Given that Trumps predicted “riots in the streets if I am convicted” turned out to be two hookers and a dog, I don’t think there will be much lasting energy from this conviction. It probably also is limited how much it will cost him in support. If you have found ways to forgive him for everything up until now, what is a felony conviction among friends.

          Democrats need to understand what it is that has allowed this con man to hook all these cult members. First and foremost the cult members are people who have been convinced that the country is “going to hell”. Faux and similar “news” has been able to instill an existential fear for “”where the country is heading”. It is somewhat similar to the liberals existential fear that if Trump wins “we will lose democracy”. When cooler heads evaluate this existential panic it has little footing – but that doesn’t matter to those in panic. It is on the background of this existential panic that Trump has managed to con people into thinking that he is the only person who can save the country (from certain doom and destruction). How can they go that wrong when (insert your own facts and logic arguments) – well because when people are in a state of existential panic they cannot think, but will desperately look around for someone to save them.

        3. Moses Herzog

          You’d have to ask the 80% of Republicans who keep insisting the orange thing is “immune” from prosecution why “presidential immunity” is so important to them in 2024?? If the orange abomination isn’t guilty why do they spend 98% of their oxygen arguing he’s immune?? They argue he’s “immune” because they know on the face of it, he’s been guilty of nearly every charge in the media, and 100% of the legal charges. Republicans never talked about “presidential immunity” when Bill Clinton was sticking cigars into a braindead intern short on attention and dying to get attention.

          The reality is our joke of a Supreme Court doesn’t care if Satan himself shows up in front of them, if Satan was holding a Republican Party membership card 6 of the 9 would say “go on your way Satan, and sin all you want”

      5. baffling

        yes Ricky, I remember you made a similar claim about moving all your dry powder into stocks right at the bottom of the covid crash and making a killing. simply fantasy talk. I doubt you have ever made a wise or shrewd investment move in your life. all talk, no action.

        but good to know that Ricky is still an ardent supporter of a convicted felon who committed sexual assault. you certainly own the moral high ground based on your convictions towards defending sin and felony.

        seriously rick, when you die, will anybody have anything good to say about your life? will anybody even notice you are gone? will anybody even care? how does it feel to enter ones twilight and realize you have wasted away your life’s efforts. in twenty years, people will look back on trump supporters such as yourself and wonder how people could be so stooopid and morally bankrupt to support a crud like trump. ever wonder how those hitler supporters felt during the decades after the war?

        1. Baffling

          “ Here’s hoping that that the WH orders the judge to give Trump some jail time”
          Rick, i could not agree more. If hunter deserves a day in jail, then trump deserves a decade in jail. Trump is now a convicted felon and is an embarrassment as the republican nominee for president. Apparently rick has no problem with felons, murderers and rapists running for office as republicans.

    1. pgl

      “We reached out to a group of top political minds and historians to ask them what they think the single biggest consequence of Trump’s conviction will be.”

      Oh wait – the Morning Joe crew! I have a question about those jury notes. Are the jurors allowed to keep them? Nice material for a few books from people who were actually in the room.

  6. pgl

    Kevin Drum has an awesome list but feel free to add to it:

    Conservatives like Trump because of his character

    Donald Trump has:

    Been convicted of covering up an affair with a porn star.
    Been caught on tape bragging about grabbing pussies.
    Lied about President Obama wiretapping him.
    Tried to extort the president of Ukraine into digging up dirt on a political opponent.
    Worked tirelessly to illegally overthrow an election he lost.
    Promised to pardon the violent protesters who attacked the Capitol on January 6.
    Been found liable for sexual assault.
    Lied relentlessly about matters big and small.
    Claimed many of the world’s worst autocrats as friends.
    Cheated customers of “Trump University” out of millions of dollars.
    Been fined nearly $500 million for business fraud.
    Fired an FBI director for refusing to end an investigation into his campaign.
    Been ordered to shut his charitable foundation and pay restitution for repeated self-dealing and legal violations.
    Pocketed millions of dollars from foreign interests staying at his hotels.
    Promoted dangerous quack “cures” for COVID-19.
    Baselessly claimed that Ted Cruz’s father was associated with the Kennedy assassination.
    Said that soldiers who are wounded or die in war are suckers and losers.

  7. pgl

    There are some responsible Republicans who have said the verdict of this jury should be respected. The College Republicans as well as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan have made principled statements. For this the MAGA madman are coming after them as if being responsible was some sort of terrorist plot. Yes – the MAGA crowd are just sick.

  8. Macroduck

    Trump’s many crimes are a perfectly good reason to vote against him, but societal collapse is more certain to be the result if his policy of climate denial than of his crimes:


    The study reported on in the link has been around a few years, during which time progress toward climate-change tipping -points has turned out to be more rapid than mainstream predictions. When it was published, the two highest-odds outcomes both involved the collapse of some economic systems – one which sharply reduces global economic growth, the other of which ends it.

    You can’t rely on sociopaths to run society, but that’s what we do when we grant power to corporate ladder-climbers. At the very least, let’s avoid returning a sociopath to the White House.

  9. pgl

    Trump Hoped ‘My Juror’ Would Save Him From Conviction
    Trump and his team thought one of the jurors was on their side — and might help him evade conviction. That didn’t happen


    the arguments, which several members of the Trump legal team firmly believed, helped convince them that conviction was inevitable. That is, until smiles from one juror sent hearts aflutter among Trump aides. In recent weeks, some on the legal team, and Trump himself, convinced themselves that one of the jurors might have actually been on their side. Body language from the juror throughout the trial, studied closed by the former president’s counselors, led some to believe that the juror was warming to the defense’s views. The warm smiles and tics, they hoped, suggested that there could be a hung jury that would help Trump evade conviction. According to two people familiar with the matter, Trump’s faith in the amateur body language analysis of the supposedly MAGA-curious juror was so pronounced that at times he took to calling the person “my juror” in discussions with close allies.

    Well – one of the 12 jurors admitted he got his news from Truth Social. So Team Trump basically realized the case against was solid but if they acted like the jerks their client is – then they might get a hung story. Well guys – you misjudged this badly. LOSERS!

  10. pgl

    Oh my – Marjorie Taylor Greene is so upset with people who are in the “Replace Trump” movement she may decide to unfollow them on the Twitter. Hey Marjorie – I could care less if you did as I certainly don’t follow you on any Social Media.

  11. joseph

    Long known as The Teflon Don for his seeming invincibility for crimes, he can now be called T’felon Don.

    1. Macroduck

      Evidence? Or are you just another maga snowflake, repeating whatever is echoing in the chamber today?

  12. Not Trampis

    Thus far no-one amongst the Trump cult has actually said Trump was innocent.

    I am wondering why the DOJ is prosecuting Menendez, Hunter Biden, a bloke called Cuellar if it is only going after Republicans!

    Only in America would you get people believing such obvious BS

  13. pgl


    I hope the message of this tweet comes through as we are being reminded of how Donald Trump wanted 5 black teenagers executed for a rape they had nothing to do with. Let’s be clear – Trump is both a felon and a racist. No sensible person should ever think this disgusting slime should ever hold any office including dog catcher.

  14. Ivan

    I hope the democrats will give up the idea of pushing the felony conviction as their main argument against Trump. It works well with the left, but is not a strong persuasive argument for people who have managed to forgive him for all the other things he has done. The right will just see it as a reminder of the self proclaimed martyrdom of their Orange Messiah.

    A better theme would be that Trump would be an embarrassment for the country (with convicted criminal being just one of many reasons). Also turning things around and getting on the right track would be a theme that could gain traction with the swing voters. To get their own voters motivated they need to bring out the threat to democracy but without going over the top. For many of the “strong leader” right wingers autocracy is a feature not a bug.

    1. Anonymous

      Two main planks

      Trump will take away your abortions

      And, he will gut “our” democracy.

      A word strangely missing in the U.S. constitution, feeding Lockheed is not mentioned

      1. pgl

        WTF? Your continue gibberish is proof that you are a retarded version of ChatGPT. Do a favor – SHUT THE EFF UP.

  15. pgl

    I heard a wise person this morning note:

    When Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, the MAGA crowd praised the jury’s decision.
    When George Zimmerman was acquitted, the MAGA crowd praised the jury’s decision.
    But then the Racist in Chief was convicted, the MAGA crowd wants to trash the jury system.

    Go figure.

  16. Ivan

    Another desperate little right wing hit piece made it into the NYT


    These clowns try to say that Hunter Biden must take a plea deal now before his trial ends – because he will lose, and he could get up to 25 years in jail (for allegedly owning a gun for 11 days???). However, they know what is coming at them and they appear scared to death. It’s very questionable whether Hunter will be found guilty unless he takes the stand and testify himself. The main evidence of Hunter ever owning a gun while being a drug user comes from a statement in a book – and we all know how biographies can be full of lies and exaggerations (right Kristi Noem?). So there is not any evidence to prove Hunter owned a gun while taking drugs. Was he a drug addict at that time – again prove it.

    Even if he was convicted they have no other crimes on this first time offender (the other fuzzy charges got split off into a separate later trial). So he would not get any hard time. The nightmare for GOP is that Hunter might get convicted and then go out and state that he will not appeal, and instead take the consequences of his mistakes like a real man. That is why they are so desperate to get him to take a plea deal. If they lose they lose, and if they win they lose even worse. The only way they can actually get their sorry assets out of the hot coal, is if Hunter accepted a plea deal now. Then they could claim mercifulness against Hunter, and demand the same for Trump.

    In spite of what this tool of a columnist states in the NYT (and why are NYT again letting the right wing use them?), the case was always very weak. Even Trumps hand picked persecutor was ready to make a wrist-slapping plea deal (before the MAGA morons almost crucified him for that). When the persecutor tried to hand it over to DAs in other jurisdictions, nobody wanted those weak losing cases. Now they are trying to bluff Hunter into another plea deal. Sorry guys he is not likely to bite on that one.

  17. Baffling

    So we have the maga crowd going aft hunter on gun charges. Trump is now a convicted felon in possession of three handguns. It is a federal crime for a convicted felon to possess a firearm. So maga crowd, lets continue prosecuting these gun violations. Bring on the additional gun charged against trump, or act like a hypocrite and give him a pass.

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