Northern Hemisphere Land Temperatures, June-May, through 2024

From NOAA:

Source: NOAA.

If you thought global Land & Ocean would look different…

Source: NOAA.

9 thoughts on “Northern Hemisphere Land Temperatures, June-May, through 2024

  1. pgl

    Bruce Hall loves crackpots named Judy. As in Judy Shelton for monetary policy. Oh wait – this is about climate change. Time for a patented Bruce Hall fact free rant citing Judith Curry.

  2. pgl

    Could Gorsuch be as stupid as Trump or what?

    ‘Watching too much Fast and Furious’: Gorsuch accused of ‘yikes’ moment with major error

    In a 5-4 decision where the Supreme Court temporarily hindered a Biden Administration policy to mitigate cross-state smog, Justice Neil Gorsuch’s opinion glaringly misnamed the gas. “Justice Gorsuch’s opinion refers five times to ‘nitrous oxide’ (aka laughing gas) rather than the entirely different chemical compound — smog-causing “nitrogen oxides” — actually at issue in the case,” reads a tweet posted by Sean Donahue. In one paragraph alone, the gas was mentioned twice.

    When mentioning a Federal Implementation Plan to enforce the reduction of ozone emissions — Gorsuch’s opinion reads: “in particular: nitrous oxide… And it sought to impose nitrous oxide emissions-control measures that ‘maximized cost-effectiveness’ in achieving ‘downwind ozone air quality improvements.'” The very next paragraph, Gorsuch blundered again and again. “First, the agency identified various emissions-control measures and, using nationwide data, calculated how much each typically costs to reduce a ton of nitrous-oxide emissions,” according to the opinion. “Next, the agency sought to predict how much each upwind State’s nitrous-oxide emissions would fall if emissions-producing facilities in the State adopted each measure.”

    I hear Judge Eileen (the Bimbo) Cannon wants to be on this Court. She might be an improvement. over Gorsuch.

  3. Macroduck

    And the largest ever anomaly is…

    The largest ever upside divergence from the rising trend is…

    The two together? Nothing to see here.

  4. Not Trampis

    wow almost a hockey stick.
    your Supreme court is a disgrace. They have essentially legalised bribery

    1. pgl

      They have. But I noted this already. Dude – stop chirping silly stuff and learn to keep up.

    2. Macroduck

      To have done otherwise would have been to accuse Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito of corruption. The decision was going to be one kind of scandal or another. The majority decided to legalize bribery on a grand scale in order to avoid criticizing solicitation of bribes by Supreme Court justices.

      That’s how far gone the majority of justices are.

  5. baffling

    Steven kopits, are you still denying that man made warming on a global scale is happening?

    1. pgl

      I get that kopits is as annoying and utterly stupid as Bruce Hall but I do not remember when the world’s worst consultant ever denied man made warming on a global scale is happening. Now Bruce Hall denies this obvious fact all the time but forgive the little boy as he has not yet learned to tie his own shoe laces.

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